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Late night recording..


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Havent posted here for ages ... i was sitting back dicking around with new songs to cover, went to see Depeche Mode last week and got inspired to do one of their songs ... but my way.


A bit of a funkier version of World In My Eyes.


Was thinking of playing it toorrow nite, what do you reckon ?



Recorded with the big assed J-150.





ps: probably best through headphones.

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Thanks guys, yeah, i think ill give it a run tonite if the mood is right.


Its amazing how much one relaxes and feels the groove when recording late at night with some lubrication.


And yes, some songs just sit in your vocal sweet spot, this was definitely one of those, I did it as a first take and it just felt very natural.


I might have to do a few more DM songs as I find my vocal style and range is very smilar as Dave Gahans and i find singing DM songs very natural.


Thanks for the comments !



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