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Finally have a SG in my small Gibson guitar family, But pick up ideas?

Adam M

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got this in a few days ago it's a 2010 SG Special. really love it sits next to my junior and les paul studio. It's not the faded model. Previous owner added some pickup covers and I think it makes it look nicer. This will be my workhorse guitar,


I can't put it down. I never was a huge SG fan but played a SG style guitar lately and thought let me get one.


Does anybody know the specs on this model?

also the only thing I am not fond off is the pickups they seem a bit muddy. Any ideas what I could replace them with. I am curious for Whole Lotta Humbucker set but not sure how they would sound in a SG.






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Stock pickups are 490r and 490t on the 2010 SG Special. My preference in pickups on an SG are 57 Classics. If you can try out a 2017 SG Standard, that will give you a feeling for what they would sound like in your guitar. Ultimately it really boils down to sound that you like. I have SGs with P90s, Dirty Fingers+, 490s, 57 Classics, Lace and 61 Zebras. I like them all for different styles but the 57s will get you closest to the classic Gibson tone.

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I think 490R and 490T are fine for an SG though I possibly would prefer '57 Classic/'57 Classic Plus :-k


Humbucker covers are nickel, right ?

[biggrin] Ha! This has been the first I had in mind looking at the first photo. Pictured along with the chrome-plated bridge and tailpiece, discerning by colour impression is quite easy.



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Before you go and spend a lot of money on different pickups (and not be sure how they are going to sound). I'd try taking the pickup covers off and see if that makes a difference. It may not, but I had a LP with the 490 pickups and they were uncovered from the factory and were pretty bright and hot sounding and wouldn't be described as muddy.


Simple to do and worth a few minutes to see if it changes how it sounds. [confused]

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I prefer '57 & '57 Plus Classic pickups, in my SG's. But, that's just Me!

490's are advertised to be "similar" to '57's, but with a boosted "mid range,

and top end spike."


Since SG's have a tendency to be more mid range in tonality, anyway, I would

question the need for more, from the pickups. BUT, it really boils down to

what YOU prefer, and what your real needs are, tone wise.


My "Lucille" has the 490R and 490T's in it, and for that guitar, they're perfect!


IMHO, as always...





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I think that pick-up preference is a personal thing, and opinions on sound are pretty subjective. Nothing wrong with the 490T/R and 498 pups. However, I would suggest trying the least expensive option first, playing with the pick-up height and putting a fresh set of your favourite strings on first (if you haven't already done that). These minor tweaks can really alter the sound. If you still don't like the sound, by all means go with a different pup! Enjoy your new axe!

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