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Saturday I'll use this...


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I'll play the R7 in honor of my late friend Ed Lara when we play the annual Piedmont Airlines/ US Airways BWI reunion this Saturday. This is the first year they are having a band, and since three of us used to work there ( 4 if you include Ed ), we were the natural choice to play. The last song Ed played was "Sympathy For The Devil" so I'm sure we will close with that one, or perhaps "The One I Love" which was one the he always sang.


Some of you might remember that I was given this guitar by Ed's family after he tragically died in 2014. I just put new strings on and oiled the fret board and polished her up. Other members of the band have his Fender Stratocaster, Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, Squire Telecaster and Ovation acoustic. They will all get played that night and maybe even a set of his conga drums which I also have.


Too bad I couldn't get better pictures of the Gold Top in my cluttered house with the horrible lighting ( damn CFL bulbs! msp_cursing.gif)

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Nice guitar. How did it go?


Thanks. It was a great night. Perfect weather. We made several comments and tributes to our old friend Ed, who most everyone there also knew and loved. It's hard to see, but stuck in that US Air sign at the front of the stage is the photo I keep in the guitar case that I took the day Ed bought the R7. It's him holding the guitar.


It's kind of like a high school reunion. You see lots of people, some who you knew better than others, but it's hard to get around and talk to everyone. Especially for us who spent 3 hours playing. The music went very well, considering that this full band hasn't played much in the last year and 1/2, and we only had 2 quick rehearsals. Everyone said they loved it and want us to do it again next year. We'll see.


Again I know there are countless photos and video, but unfortunately I've seen very little of it.






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