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Introduction and my new guitar


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Hello all - I'm new to the forum, wanted to introduce myself and gush over my new guitar purchase.

I'm a performing singer/songwriter based in Maryland and have been pursuing my current path for a bit over 20 years.

Prior to that, I've logged many, many years in electric bands of all sorts (and yes, I'm a little long in the tooth at this point...).

My first Gibson was back in the late 70s when I played a "The Paul" all Walnut model as rhythm guitarist and lead singer for a band.

Fast forward lots of years and lots of guitars (mostly acoustic and from every manufacturer imaginable except Gibson).

Just a few weeks ago, I was feeling ready to switch from the Taylor I had been playing and, after much research, decided it was time to finally jump back into Gibson world.

I cold-purchased a new LG-2 AE from an online dealer and the guitar arrived just after Christmas.

To say that this instrument is all I hoped it would be would be a gross understatement... The LG-2 far exceeds my expectations and I find myself happier with this guitar than I've been in some time. Fit and finish are great, action and intonation are spot on and, as a player who prefers small-bodied instruments, the L fits the bill perfectly - small and comfortable but not so small as to compromise tone or playability.

I do plan on switching the Tusq saddle out for bone, changing the Gibson strings to Elixir PBs, and will replace the factory Element pickup with a K&K as that pickup has been my preference ever since the company's inception.

I might also some day install more vintage-looking tuners (have liked the Golden Age replacements I've put on a coupe of other guitars) but that would be more a cosmetic change.

Truly though, the guitar was excellent quality and highly playable right out of the box. Think I'm a Gibson boy now...

I'm interested in hearing any comments and, happy new year!

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Welcome! I love my LG2 AE so much I decided to add a few LG's to the collection. I have to say it's my favorite size even though I'm a big guy with huge hands I find them comfortable, even though I make them look more like a Uke than a guitar.


Best wishes for many years of picking that little beauty.

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As promised, a few pictures of the new beast.

You can't tell so well in the photos but with the wide grain and heavy silking, I'd swear Gibson slipped an Adi top on this one by mistake (my wishful thinking...).

I'm going to record my next CD on this guitar over the Winter and will let you all know when that's ready.

Some tracks might show up early at www.dawilcox.com/music.

All you fellow East Coasters - stay warm out there!

post-89266-089037500 1515085574_thumb.jpg

post-89266-081893800 1515085632_thumb.jpg

post-89266-020582800 1515085687_thumb.jpg

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An addendum to things thus far: I swapped out the factory Tusq saddle for a bone one today - got a nice bone saddle with the proper Gibson compensation and radius from McNichols.

I realize that some folks actually prefer Tusq but in this case, bone was DEFINITELY the way to go.

Tone and volume ramped up very noticeably - a big improvement on an already great-sounding instrument.

While I had the strings off, I pulled the factory Element pickup as well. I'll be installing a K&K on Monday.

First gig with the new guitar on Wednesday!

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Welcome here. Nice looking lg2. I have a house full of dreadnaughts and the only qualifier as a small body is an old Trojan resonator and a 00 that I built. Half afraid to venture into small bodies (financially) if you know what I mean.



I absolutely know what you mean...

Small bodies are definitely my favorite although I've owned numerous dreads as well.

So many guitars have come and gone - I'd hate to total the output of money over the years that was never quite recovered. All part of the process though I guess.

That said, the LG-2 feels like home and I can't see ever selling it.

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