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J-200: remove or keep the extra pickguard?


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So, I’ve bought this guitar and I’m thinking about removing the extra pickguard, but I’m not 100% sure. First, I honestly don’t think it looks bad, in my opinion it adds some character, but I still don’t know I want it. Second, If I remove it, I’m worried about the possible tan line. Since the guitar was bought at June 8th 2017, the extra pickguard was probably added around this date, so it has not been a long time, but I can’t be sure If there’s a tan line or not.


So, what do you guys think? Should I remove it or keep it?



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Our 1960 J-200 came to us with a second pickguard. I figured it had been added to cover a couple of repaired but ugly cracks. We had it removed and the whole area touched up. The guitar is now a sight to behold. But the pickguard on our guitar was not put here in Kalamazoo and we heard no noticeable improvement in sound. So unless you absolutely hate the way the pickguad looks, I would leave the thing be. Although the pickguard on our guitar had been there a lot longer than yours, as the above post notes, you cans still see a faint ghost outline of where it was.

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That is not a Bob Dylan model, but I would still not take the pickguard off. It could leave a "tan line" on the top

and that is not the look you want.



I thought I could see the litre bob logo on the headstock but it’s just the regular crown isn’t it

I did think the bob was the only model out there with two guards on it though

Must get eyes tested


Still wouldn’t remove the pickguard though

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Personally, I would remove it in order to see if there is a tan line. If not, you are good to go. If there is a tanline, let the guitar see some sun and let it live without a guard for a few months. Then decide if you want to put the guard back on. No way to know unless the guard comes off...



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The adhesive used on the pickguards can eat into the finish and leave some "pebbling." When I got my J-35 in 2016, I had the crew at Hoffman Guitars in Minneapolis take it off and put on a lefty pickguard. (I'm left-handed and play upside down.) They removed the pickguard without incident, but the surface underneath had a very slight pebbling that required some wet sanding and buffing to get rid off. If look at it just-so in the right light, and you know what you're looking for, you can still see something.


Maybe my J-35 was just an outlier and the finish wasn't fully cured when the pickguard was stuck on at the factory, but I thought I should mention this since your J-200's pickguard is a big honkin' one. Personally, I'd have it taken off (it just seems unnecessary) but I'd be prepared to have some work done on it.

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Whow, what a guitar. But no, it's not the bella voce Dylan-version.

I played one of those and the double-guard didn't seem to inhibit sound.

But I'm almost 100 the guard would leave a t-line. They happen sooner than you know, , , and btw. isn't that easy to out-phase as Lars68 suggests.

I know from my April 2012 Bird. It's been naked in the sun for two summers now and the 3-point flora-fauna shape is still visible.


Enjoy the Jumbo and keep them both on.


My 5 Yen anyway

2015 ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eu6mo9a0S4A

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