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That's one kick-***' date=' sweet, gorgeaous, tv yellow ouble cut Charlie Brown... is it a custom shop RI or the "standard" model? I've been trying to find one of the standard models around here but can only find them in black which doesnt look 1/10th as good... Beautiful guitar man.[/quote']


Thanks, Thundergod...

Nope...just the standard version. I upgraded the tuners, and changed the pickguard, to a 'multi-layered"

version, and added the '59 LP Truss Rod Cover. Purely for my own enjoyment. Not trying to "fool" anyone.

But, I like how it turned out. I think it was only about 100 bucks (or less) in "upgrades!" One good side

benefit, with the "Grovers" is that their weight/mass, seems to have helped "sustain" a bit. Not sure, but

it sure seems like it.




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Wow!! That is now one of my favorite guitars. Damn if that would've been around when I bought my VM' date=' I might've gone with the DC. What year did you get it? Anymore info on it you can provide? How much did ya pay for it? [/quote']



Thanks, Guys! I bought them both, within about 2 months of each other (the Red one, first), back in

2001. In fact, I ordered the Black one, from a local (Wichita, Ks) dealer, on the morning of 9/11, just

minutes before the news reports and live coverage of the "attack" started coming in. So...I wasn't sure,

that morning, if I'd ever get it, since we had no idea how awful that day would turn out to be, and what

more there might have been, to come. So, it has kind of a "special" meaning, to me...somehow.

They were, at the time, selling for only about $425.00. I added the Green Tulip tuners, and the TP-6

tailpiece, to both...but did it in "Gold" for the Black one, obviously. I had intended doing that, all along.

They're both Great guitars, to play. Some folks said they didn't care for the P-100 pickups, at the time,

but I've never had any complaints, at all. I have "P-90" equipped guitars, if it need/want that sound...

the TV Yellow DC is equipped with P-90's, for one. The P-100's are (of course) quiet, but have a tone that's

a nice cross, between a mini-humbucker, and an almost "tele" like twang, at times. So, for what I do,

(Blues, Blues Rock and some "Country" tinged Rock) they're great! I always get compliments on the

tone I get, from them, as well as their "looks!" They don't have quite the "mid-range quack" that a

P-90 does, but I like them, just for their own characteristics. Besides, one can always adjust the amp,

pretty successfully, to compensate. Hope that helps, with your questions?



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Still looking for some dc? Returned the pu rings didja? Pickguard has a nice color' date=' hope you can find rings to match.


PU rings are returned and was promised to get rings from a VOS. Cover are on order too

and should be her next week.

Looked at a new black Standard and behold: all the rings and the pickguard have

a nice cream/off-white color!

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Thanks. I have a couple of (Discontinued) LP Double Cut "Junior Lites' date='" too. Not "faded," as they only came in "gloss" finish, at the time. But, I upgraded them, a bit...just to suit my fancy. And, I think they turned out well, too.


"Little Red Blues" as this one's named.


And my own "Blackie!" ...[/quote']


Wow, that's a sweet pair of twins Charlie, you lucky lucky boy! =P~

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I purchased my Standard, Faded in 2005 (Tobacco Burst, 60's Neck) in Adelaide (Australia). and it has been my guitar of choice since then. I have a few other guitars from various manufacturers, but nothing comes close to the glorious rock tone that sings from this guitar.

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