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I just read a thread posted by Kolera... he's got a new Les Paul and it's a faded =D>


On that thread Guitarslinger welcomed him to "The Faded Club"anim_32.gif so I thought it would be great to have a thread with just pics of our fadeds... it doesn't matter if they are new pics, old pics, if you modded her or if you ended up selling her, you will still be a honorary member.


So don't be shy... show them

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Hey there good people.   Been a member of the forum for a while (after some serious lurking)but not posted until now.   Thought it was time to say HI to all.   Have owned my 09 Standard Faded s

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Tundergod wrote



Maybe I just got lucky...:D

My Faded came with this case. maybe the 2006 case. When did you buy your Les paul faded?


I bought mine on dec 2007 and it came with the white case which they started giving us in 2007... maybe should have bought it in 2006](*,)

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