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...so... what is it that you Faded lovers like so much about your fadeds?


The thing I like the most is the satin neck... I love those, they are faster with no need of being thin (I admit it, I like baseball bat necks).


I also like the fact that they had a really good price and it wasnt as hard to make the choice wether to mod them or not (as it would have been with a 4K CS lester).

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Hi Faded Club...


Here is my 2008 Faded originally purchased in October 2008 by a buddy who goes through guitars like I go through underwear :-) and he let me have it at 25% less than what he paid for it just 6 months before!!! I had the opportuntunity to buy a Studio a couple of years ago but did not like the feel of it and found it just way to heavy!!! But the moment I saw this Faded I fell in love with it... They are beautiful!!!


When I first got it I wasn't overly impressed with the action (I'm used to my Ibanez JS 700 where the strings just whisper over the frets) so I went to my local luthier and he set the action lower, set the intonation, put on some lock straps, and now it sings...


Another thing I find is that this guitar gets sweeter the more I play it...









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Me too! I wish I had some $$$ when the Standard Faded was still available new. I used to drool then and I'm still drooling now.


Ya, there use to be a ton on eBay but that has changed of late. Your lucky to see 2 on any given day.

I was so glad to hear Gibson discontinued the 60's necks (because I have one), and then the whole model!

One day you will pay over 2k for one of these! Very special guitar IMHO. I sold my 2002 LP 1960 Classic to get the Faded I now have. Once I played it I knew it was a superior guitar and I had to have it! Mine was born on Feb 22nd of 2005.

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The one that I got my hands on was 'On Special' just after they discontinued this particular model for the new post-August 2008 Faded, and they still have one (the exact same model as mine) on the wall at Steve's Music in downtown Montreal for $200 more... They're already going up in value! I like that!

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The doublecut faded with p90s... sadly yes... it is no longer produced (insert crying smiley here)


It's a shame (for me that didn't get one) 'cause it is a fine, good looking and great sounding guitar, and the price was a steal IMO. I guess they realized that and are going to relaunch it with some fancy name at double the price :'(

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What happened to this thread?

Where's the rest of the eye candy?

Mine should be here during the week(I know it's passed customs 'cause I was just posted an update)and I'm shaking in antici........pation!

Bought it sight unseen which was a huge leap of faith but the US dollar vs. our Aussie $ at the moment is so strong that I've came out on top big time.

I just pray all will end well.

When it's here,I'll post my own.

So keep 'em coming...

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