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Hey there good people.   Been a member of the forum for a while (after some serious lurking)but not posted until now.   Thought it was time to say HI to all.   Have owned my 09 Standard Faded s

Posted Images

And here is mine' date=' she's a '08 faded

In Hanoi, Vietnam there are not over 5 Gibby one. Of course, she becomes very famous!










Very Nice, Tuan...congratulations! Do you use silica gel to keep the humidity/moisture out!

Vietnam is very humid, and I know some of our other members, from South America have had

problems with keeping mold/mildew in check. Anyway...beautiful guitars.


Chao em



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Thank you! Yeah, the little Orange head does look pretty funny on the 4X12, but it sounds great for the studio. Live I run a 4X12, 2x12 and a 140 watt Orange head, which I'm very happy with but for alot of clubs it's too much rig and I end up having to go for that little set up instead. I'm really thinking I am going to go for the chrome...looks so classic!

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I've been lurking in this forum for a couple months now, and I figure joining the faded club looks like a good starting point for stepping out of the shadows.


I had a mid-70's goldtop deluxe in my college years. Like an idiot I sold it and for various reasons didn't touch a guitar for years. Last spring when the wife was out of town and I had nothing better to do, I pulled my old acoustic out of the closet...and got bit by the guitar bug hard! In Sept I bought a new Strat...it was good, but I still longed for the Les Paul of my youth. So in Jan I picked up this little baby. Not as spectacular as many I've seen here, but it still sounds great and it's mine!



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Welcome Baba Looey' date=' nice guitar, what amp did you go with?[/quote']

I got a Line6 Spider Jam. For now, I'm just a solo basement player, and needed someone (or something) to practice with, and the Spider Jam fits the bill very well. The preset amp models are pretty good (at least to my ears), and in addition to the built-in backing tracks, you can put backing tracks found on the internet on SD cards and play 'em in the amp. I also use it to capture guitar solos from songs on my ipod, and then slow them down using the time/pitch shifting feature of the amp.


I also just got a Vox amplug (classic rock) for headphone practice. I love that little thing!

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Spiderjam... I tried one here a couple of months ago... prety useful, can't beat that thing if you play by yourself and even when in a band, you can't beat it for solo/home practice. I think Tascam has one amp like that and fender too but both were too pricey and difficult to use compared to the line6

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I'll bite!




I really do love this guitar. Seeing the first set of pics in this topic I suddenly want pickup covers and the chrome topped gold tophats' date=' very cool! [/quote']




Is that a Brian May inspired coiled cord I see there?

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It was a separate model' date=' but was identical to the regular Standard other than the finish. The gloss models have 8 coats of lacquer and the faded LPs have 3. The only other difference is the uncovered pickups.[/quote']

Thanks, I assume they have been discontinued.

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Yeah but you can still find them around. It was Gibson best price/value guitars IMO. No wonder they scrapped it' date=' giving folks more for less. Unheard of ...



I agree... best bang for the buck... just like the vintage mahogany used to be (when it was around 699 with case!).


Prices right now are just crazy IMO, and they wont go down ever...

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