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'63 Explorer for over $200,000 at elderly


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Korina was a wood they wanted to use in place of what we typically call mahogany.  It is from Africa.  It is not special, no super duper tone, no resonance, no tap tuning magic.  Just wood that they could get tonnes of cheaper than mahogany.  But it didn't work, for whatever reasons.


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Yes it does seem like a highly optimistic price, even if it is a rare/legendary guitar produced in small numbers - perhaps there is something in the provenance.

Elderly know what they are talking about so theoretically it just might be worth about that, but I think the market for this in 2020 must be very small...at half or less of the asking price.

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27 minutes ago, SteveFord said:

If you pick up shipping and do PayPal Friends And Family I'll let my 2007 GOTW Explorer go for $50K.

It has new strings on it and comes with the original case.


I'm keeping the truss rod adjusting tool.

49k and I'm all in.

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I just got an offer from a Nigerian Prince and a Western Union Money Order is being FedExed to me at this very minute.  Strange how I have to send him the overpayment of $20,000 but I guess they do things differently over there.  We eat tonight!!!

Seriously, I'd have to be really hard up to sell this guitar.  It took me 11 years to get another one and I've played it pretty much non stop since I got it.  I now remember why I missed it so much.  Picture a cross between a Lucille and a Firebird and that's this guitar.  

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