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Harley Benton Tube15 Amp


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Dunno if it’s just me but that sounds like shiit 🤮


Maybe it’s just the way it was recorded but that is a limp sounding attack, dull high end, and terrible reverb. The 2 EQ knobs and reverb seem to be added on to impress the customer with how many knobs there are rather than adding useful sounds. 

I stopped watching the video once he kicked on distortion pedals but even for the price seems like a waste of money

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I think you probably get what you pay for with that amp.  Sounds kind of weak.

Using a Strat and then distorting the heck out of it is one of the worst guitar tones going, so it's hard to tell.  Awful.

The clean stuff is weak with little dynamics.

Not to mention that the guy was having some weird resonance coming through the amp that he couldn't isolate.  But he thinks it's "brilliant."  "Sounds so good it's ridiculous."  But it has some kind of weird resonance.  Doh!

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4 hours ago, uncle fester said:

Contrasting views, I know Mihcmac really likes his...  i'm thinking the demo wasn't done well.   

I’m thinking the amp is a pile TBH


Over the years I’ve found that the cheapest, worst piece of gear will always have a ton of positive reviews by inexperienced players who are thrilled to hear any sound at all. Their guitar is probably out of tune and they’re probably chunking out the worst cover of Heartbreaker you’ve ever heard but they think they’re hearing glorious rock n roll. 

Then you look at a higher quality, more expensive amp and it will have more mixed reviews. It’s better but the people reviewing it tend to be more discerning and critical of shortcomings.


Always use your ears..

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The Stage Right 15 has been on the market for a few years now with many more comparisons and demos than the rebranded Harley Benton. Home recordings are highly subjective to the environment and familiarity with the amp. These are very basic tube amps with minimal circuitry, mostly relying on the tubes to produce the sound. Many have commented that the Celestion Seventy 80 could be upgraded with a richer sounding speaker, but I have found that spending time with the EQ can get you there. After using the amp in many different environments it is quite adaptable and with my 60 years of playing its easy for me to get what I want out of it. So, in the US these are $250 delivered to your door but on the Euro side you may be able to go to Thomanns and try one..


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Apparently the amp is the same circuit as the Laney Cub 12.  I found a schematic.  The "tone " control is the same as a Vox "Cut" control, which is a pretty good feature.  The rest of the circuit is pretty normal.  The bias is fixed-adjustable, which is different than Vox amps, so it won't sound exactly like a Vox.  That's the same biasing as a Blues Junior.

Anyway, looks like a good circuit design.

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When the SR 15 first came out, there was talk that it was built by the same group that built the Laney Club 12 or that they were cloned and the original enclosure looked more Laney like . First gen SR 15 in the background below and the top located control panel.


I had to completely disassemble my second SR 15 and found the speaker grill panel is made of partial board and the cabinet seems to be a light weight ply.

Recently the Stage Right 15 watt combo is frequently "Out Of Stock", possibly due to filling Harley Benton orders. Or in the US they may be pushing the new SR 30 head and cabinet, which was selling for $599 but MonoPrice has dropped to $499 US.

Stage Right by Monoprice 30-Watt 1x12 Guitar Stack Tube Amplifier with Celestion V30 & Reverb


Not many demos on this model yet, just Darrell and Max, so far...

Don't know if there is a Harley Benton version coming or not.

The original $599 price seemed kind of high for an amp not being demo'd in stores.

Note: these amps do not have switching transformers, the Stage Right's are US power only and the Harley Benton's are only for Euro type power.

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