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People of WalMart...


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Here in my home town, the greeters look like they were the result of some horrible science experiment gone wrong. I've seen kids freak out when they saw them. Ours has a MacDonalds in it, a hang out for some old timers. There is always a Fiero with a handicap sticker parked in the lot. I've always thought, if you can get in and out of a Fiero, you're not handicapped.

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Up to page 13. Some is not family friendly. What people won't have writ on their tee shirts.






Yup, yer edumacation at the bodyshop trade school was worth avery dime.







Gotta admire his ingenuity to use a Dextron III transmission oil bottle for a turn signal lens. It is red after all.


Then to cap it all off, borrow the hand rail off'n your trailer's porch deck for a fender. Now that's usin' your melon.

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I'm hooked:


"I don't know what happened your honor. When I pulled into the parking slot I just didn't see it, then BANG! Maybe there ought to be a law... "





I got yer 12 string... and baloons too:



Don't let KSDADDY see this one. If he does, his Explorer will be sportin' a CDX spoiler before sun down.



Wow! WHen they say 'No shoes, No shirt.....', they mean bizz nizz




Waste not want not, eh Scott?



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Yes, welcome back indeed CAman! You know, you reach a certain point in life where you think you've seen/done it all. I've been all around this crazy world and I thought I'd just coast by taking in the simple pleasures in life now. Then I see this, which puts me back to square one!! I pi$$ed my pants laughing. I wonder if they laugh at us too...

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the one near me has a subway beat that :D/ why would you have a dissapointing gresay birger when you can have a dissapointing sub.


(note how awesome the commercials make them look and then you get the sub and.........:-s )

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In my neck of the woods, we have a Super Wally Mart and a Super Tarjey across the street from each other. What is it with the WM shoppers not understanding the concept of the cart corrals? There are always more carts strewn around the parking lot than there are in the corals. Where Target shoppers get it. I won't shop at WM because I don't want to park my Lexus in the lot.

This is so funny, can you imagine what our European members are thinking of this.

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What is it with the WM shoppers not understanding the concept of the cart corrals?

Target shoppers get it.


Bottom feeders SB' date=' even in your Emerald City of Suburbia....




Well, you've seen The Truck I drive so I'm not that worried about it.


I had a damned nice Chevy years ago that I built into a slick street rod with a 550 horse big block.

Had it at car shows, drag raced it quite a bit, but kept in excellent condition until I sold it 10 years later.


The truck was pristine except for the dimple left by a shopping cart handle - I was homocidal....



Yeah, I like that Target has less clutter in their stores and wide aisles that are actually used as aisles instead of excess storage but their prices [b']piss me off[/b]. They do okay on a lot of stuff but I have a Target example of retailing.


When I moved to Arizona, I found I had few decent clothes hangers left over.

Couldn't get wire ones worth a damn and I finally found some plastic ones that were big and strong enough.

I bought several packs of them, and I remember the price - pack of 13 for 87 cents.

Over the next couple years I weeded out ALL of my old mismatched clothes hangers.


When I moved into my new house, I was at Wal Mart and decided to get more hangers while I was there.

They were gone, replaced by a cheaper, smaller, differently shaped one.




So, I was with Mrs. Neo on a rare trip to Target one evening and trying to amuse myself as I pushed the cart.


There they were!!!!

My hangers!



I went over to the rack to look, and sure enough it was them.

I started pulling ALL of them off the rack, deciding once and for all I was gonna have enough hangers.

As I was stacking them in the cart, Mrs. Neo asks "How many are in a pack?"


As I continued throwing them in the cart I replied "Um, 4 per pack, why?"


She had The Look on her face when she said "I don't think you want those..."


"Bullsh!t!" I told her, I had finally found my hangers.


"Look at the price, Honey."





Instead of the Wal Mart price of 13 for 87 cents, they were 3 for $3.97.

6.7 cents apiece as opposed to $1.33 for 20 times the cost.


True story.


They assume nobody comparison shops on cheap stuff like that, so they can pull it off.


Fxck Target.

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These gals must have no freinds. A true friend would pull her asside and say, "Honey, I love ya, but at some point you really HAVE to stop dressing like a 15 year old and stop wearing the same size clothes you had when you were 15. Dress you age and buy clothes that fit. It won't change your size, but it won't highlight it either."


That's what true friends are for.


I used to have hanger hang-ups too. My first foray into self living, way back in the dark ages, I found myself in need of hangers. I was a metal hanger fan, but the plastic ones they had were priced right and seemed sturdy enough.


Believe it or not I still have 2 of those first plastic hangers I bought. They are stiff enough to hold up a soaking wet winter coat. The hook can be pulled, with a bit of effort, into a straight line and it slowly curls back up. All the plastic ones I've bought since have gotten progressively weaker and brittler.


I found the holy grail once and bought an entire grocery bag (old fashioned paper with A&P on the side) at an estate garage sale for a whole buck! They were made when wire hangers held up more than women's lingere. Those have dwindled in number, to where I don't know.. might have left when the kids moved out. I now have been purchasing the 3 in a pack for a buck wooden ones at the dollar store, which now sell for 2 for a buck. Nothing else will hold up my pants or a spring jacket.


My daughter went into a tirade on her facebook page about people just throwin' stuff away because it's a little broke or out of style. I agree with her. Don't thrown nothin' away that can be fixed. It saves you money and the environment as well. When it comes to consumer goods, think about the durabiltiy before you buy. Think about repairability before you buy. If I could buy more of those first plastic hangers I bought, I would as they've lasted me, goin' on 30 years. But no one makes them. They've been Walmartized; cheapened to the point they either don't do the job as intended or if they do, initially, they're useless in a few months so you can come back to buy more. I honestly believe that many things have a planned obsolesence feature in their design.


I read an article, in thise month's Popular Mechnics, about just such an issue a guy had with a dishwasher. It had a poorly designed wheel for the racks. He had several replaced under warranty. Shortly after the warranty expired, another wheel failed. He actually was considering replacing the entire dish washer at a cost of $500 to $600! He finally realized the profound idiocy of that decision and devised his own fix that upgraded the riveted on wheel and used a stainless steel screw and nut inestad. Fixed it for less than a dollar! Had the manufacturer used a bolt in the first place, it would have lasted indefinitely... or at least until major components failed. But all items, big ticket items especially, are not designed for repairabilty, they are desinged for manufacturabilty at the lowest possible cost. Not only is a rivet cheaper than a bolt, it can be installed in a tenth the time that it takes to use a more durable bolt.


End of rant.... I think my daughter got it from me.


Getting back to "Your" hangers. decide if the cheaper alternatives will last as long and consider if the increased initial cost is worth it. Sure, you can buy cheaper hangers. I have.... they are allnow in the landfill as they've broken under the strain of a XXL sized Western Style shirt. You might also want to buy only a couple packages to bring home to try out for a week or three. They might be using the same molds, but they might also be using a cheaper plastic.

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