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Thanks for the relief


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The day or reckoning has arrived here on the farm and it'll be pretty much balls-to-the-walls for a week or so. It's been an extremely busy year for me and I've had very little time for anything outside of this project. The lounge as afforded me some great times and I just wanted to thank all the regulars and those occasional lurkers who drop in for making this such an interesting and enjoyable place. It's almost impossible to stop in here and come away with nothing. Someone seems always to be dropping little pearls in among the pebbles.


The crew arrives at 0800 and should hit the ground running. I'll have very little, if any, time for coming in the office and checking in here so I would like to wish you all a great weekend and coming week. I'll be thinking of you as we pluck, pick and trim our way through the jungle. :- I'll document the process with plenty of pics to share later.


Carry on, y'all! Keep it real!

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