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Post pictures of your SGs!


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What else do you think Gibson did wrong? I only wish the horns tapered off at the end and the red was a bit darker on mine. The red on mine is actually really nice IMO. I'm not really complaining. As far as the neck and tone' date=' I couldn't be happier.


I love my SG! I'll keep it forever. It's by far my favorite.[/quote']


I've got a few things including, the masking job on the headstock by the nut was not so hot, it looks like it's running a bit. Someone didn't scrape all the paint off the binding, the frets were dead flat, no crowning on it for sure. The pickup cover on the neck pup is not level with the pup. There is also a few finish buggers here and there, and I hate beyone hate that circuit board inside. But some how this guitar still manages to be my favorite I've ever owned.

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not my first SG (used to have an Epi G400)

but now the real thing and very pleased with her

Gibson SG Standard (2005 Nashville)






Maybe I'm gonna put a maestro on it in a near future...



P.S.: what tuners do you people normally buy to replace those green ones ?


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No offense to anyone but the red sg std is getting really ****ing boreing.

I would get if i got a good deal though. [biggrin]

To each his own, but in my eyes, when you see boring, I see classic beauty. What about all the sunburst Les Pauls, you see more of those than cherry SGs.

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