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Got me a new toy


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I am really excited about this. I know its an Epiphone, but it is rather awesome. this guitar came

from a limited run from 2009. the run was a tribute to the Gibson ES-335 block inlay. Here in Canada,

its hard to find such rare guitars like this. apparently there was 5 left in Canada. I guess its 4 now.

HNGD! [biggrin]DSC_0101.jpg

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Wow that's a gnice looking Epi! I wouldn't mind having one myself.


How does it play and sound?

sounds niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. got it off the floor so I had a little work to do, tuning, action adjustment, tightening up the pots.

feels perfect in my hands. just gotta get used to it, never got used to guitars this size.

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