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ok... no begging? my god...


Since mods are very active this days (a very good thing), i think we should at last have those stickys we have asked for time and time again... please?


serial number check page sticky


post your les paul pics sticky


introductions (new members) sticky


... cant remember now but im sure there were more (and they were mayber more important than the ones i´m posting here)... so could we have at least ..2?


Just for the record, it is a very good work the one you do with the forum, we all like it very much than the previous forum. Thanks for that.


One thing that would be great (GREAT! actually) is to have news about what gibson is doing about the counterfeits from china problem (if you think of it as a problem, some of us do).


Thanks again, keep on the good work.

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I have a confession and I deserve whatever *****slap comes my way. The first 007 movie I ever saw was when I was 13 in the fall of '73, Live and Let Die with Roger Moore. I didn't know who Sean was. I dug the LALD movie, lots of car crashes and The Geoffrey Holder character messed with my smoke filled brain.


One of these days I'll catch up. I didn't see Star Wars until 1993.

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