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Southern Jumbo is ready to ship!

Lefty Guy

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Just got word that my new Lefty "New Vintage" Southern Jumbo is ready at Wildwood Guitars! Now I've just got to get it over the pond.....

Here she is:



Lefty GUY....I would be interested to hear of the choice in shipping....Timing, cost and 'experience/outcome' when that time comes! Thanks, Rod

PS The looks of that SJ are giving me "extreme" GAS pains.....excuse me please!

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Does this SJ/TV is custom made? I have noticed the tunining machine is different from general SJ/TV.

Congratulation on new SJ and welcome to SJ club.


Its "custom made" as its a lefty but its "new vintage" spec is a Wildwood Guitars' dealer exclusive. If you check their website you'll see. Mine has the "hot hide glue" option too.

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I looked at Wildwood's "New Vintage" stuff a while back - gloss, right?


Beautiful gradient and love the color of the binding with that finish.


Looks gorgeous. Congrats. B)


thanks & yes its gloss finish.

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