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Happy Birthday John Lennon


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Kinda Cool, that Paul McCartney, married Nancy Shevell today,

on John Lennon's birthday!



Maybe it's just me and my conspiracy theory stuff, but somehow, I still think that Macca has a lot of unresolved "John issues" that can never be resolved, hence his "attention to detail" so to speak. Not saying that it's disengenuous, quite the contrary, just thinking he's got some "stuff". Kind of goes along with his contributions to "Concert for George" and the recent documentary release as well. My 2 cents and probably total BS as well LOL! [confused]


And lest I forget, happy 71st John. You may be gone but your music lives on.

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I see some sadness in this topic. Though in Russia for those who loves the Beatles there is more joy in these birthdays of each of the Beatles. Our older generation says that before the Beatles, time was dark and boring. Now there is not it. And we are usually happy in these days. Thanks to John and Happy Birthday!

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