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I thought Hogeye had one, back in the day.


I've never actually played an all-koa Gibson IIRC, and it seems to me they built these back in the early half of the 1990s-ish...?


I have played some all-koa guitars by other makers, and some were 'meh', but some were awesome (a few Larrivees, as I recall, were just spectacular).


So I can't tell you about the maui wowie J-45; maybe Hogeye will chime in.



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I am the opposite - just ain't a fan of how Koa looks on a guitar. But I am real biased when it comes to Gibson - the best bursts in the business.


I sort of agree, I think Koa is often too busy looks-wise for a guitar, I would say that the J-200 style above is about the best I've seen....

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Music Villa has a all Koa J-45. It was one of 25 made in the early 90's. It looks new and has a solid wood bridge and fretboard. The price is a steal... I played it and it has and amazing soft, rich sound. Not for you rockers out there but definitly going to make someone a wonderful guitar.

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