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  1. Try experimenting with both lowering and raising the bridge pick up. My 335 had a weak sounding bridge pick up and I ended up with the bass side lowered a bit and now it sounds just like it should. Who knows.
  2. SteveFord

    SG Classic

    It looks like he did in a few if this can be believed: http://www.thewho.ne...ar/smashed.html I have an old copy of the Guitar Player book (a collection of interviews) and I'm almost positive he said that nobody would sell him an older SG Special at the end for fear that he'd destroy it. Great for the audience, maybe, but I wouldn't let him anywhere near my guitars.
  3. When they come out with the pink Les Paul Brittney Burst I'm switching to Gretsch.
  4. Good riddance 2013, 2014 will be a good one!
  5. I had one of those and they're fun guitars - real light, easy to play and you can get great sounds out of them, too. Enjoy your new guitar!
  6. Marshall JCM2000 head/4-12 angled cabinet for me. I always was kind of a noisy fellow.
  7. SteveFord

    SG Classic

    Thanks. It's growing on me and is really changing my style of playing - my poor ES335 doesn't know what hit it! Before I croak I want to get an SG Custom - a white one with gold plated hardware and an ebony fret board would do the trick. One thing I've noticed about this Classic is that I've never seen a guitar break in as quickly as this one has. It went from WTF, this thing feels pretty weird to this plays really, really nicely in maybe two weeks of playing and screwing around with adjustments. Evol!, What did that Bigsby do to the sound and sustain? I won't do it to this one but maybe on a Satin Finish SG I could give one a shot. (Never mind, I just found a thread on it).
  8. The binding should be a genuine plastic product, I would think. I've never seen what you're describing but I'd raise the humidity some if possible and Lemon Oil for the fret board every so often.
  9. The way my Giants played I guess we could send them overseas. No fair giving them back!
  10. I wouldn't let an airline get ahold of anything I really like.
  11. I was thinking about your Specials and how you had to go through such a large number of them to find THE guitar and also how there is such a production made out of the older guitars and how they must be super wonderful. The old Gibsons were basically the same way. You'd have to sort through a bunch of them to find the one that just seems right to you. There were some real heaps made in the days of yore, that's for sure. Some real gems, too, of course. With any luck, I'll find a nice tobacco sunburst Special sometime in mid 2014.
  12. No, I do not know if it will fit in an SG case. I know that a Studio won't fit but if the Special body is smaller than a Studio it MIGHT fit. Sorry for the confusion. Another Special is in the cards for me, they're really fun guitars. I got so mad at the TV Yellow finish I threw a curse on Gibson's marketing department and put them on eBay.
  13. I don't have a Special any more to try out but if the body is smaller than a Studio/Classic etc., an SG case might be what you want. A LP Studio is too wide for an SG case - hope this helps some. That TV Yellow is a pretty one; the only TV Yellows I had were the type where the finish is meant to wear away to the primer if you look at it funny.
  14. It was good for me. I did a lot of weird buying and selling: Magnepan 3.7s were replaced with 20.7s which were replaced by 3.7s (I'm into stereo gear) a Buell X1W was sold to help pay for the 20.7s and then I ran out and bought a replacement X1W (I'm into motorcycles) I started playing the guitar again and am getting my old Lucille back shortly which is really good news My wife's health has been up and down but she's still kicking All of my animals are doing pretty well (I'm owned by a lot of reptiles) My job is so-so but I've still got it and it pays the bills more or less (usually less!) I didn't get out and about too much but I did get to catch The Brian Setzer Orchestra which was a good time and 2014 will be better. I'm starting it out by spending my tax refund on my Lucille (YAY!) and am taking the wife to catch Dweezil Zappa do the Roxy Turns 40 tour. If I'm very lucky I'll also be able to pick up an old tobacco sunburst Les Paul Special with P100s around summer time. It'll be a good year, I hope it proves to be a good one for everybody here, too.
  15. Maybe here, maybe eBay, maybe Craigslist? It would help to know where you're located, price, willingness to ship, photos, all of that good kind of stuff. Looks like you just answered the location part!
  16. You could fill a small bedroom full of really nice new and used guitars for the price of that one. I know which I'd rather have and it's not that guitar.
  17. I think the thing to do is get to a guitar store where they have a bunch of them kicking around and see which one is for you. I tried about 4 or 5 of them and only one felt right so it came home with me.
  18. That looks like the nut on my SG Classic - they need to move all of the strings closer together by maybe a half a millimeter.
  19. I think you'll need to specify which year you're talking about. Mine is an older one (2003) which weighs about as much as a Harley Sportster motor and has a neck like a baseball bat. From that description it sounds pretty horrible but it's really a great guitar with unusually low, thin frets, the neck never goes out of adjustment and it sound really, really good. If you're asking about a new one, someone else will have to chime in as I'm sure they've changed just about everything aside from the overall shape.
  20. Bring this back into the line up. I had one years ago and it was cheap, light, easy to play and just a great guitar. And make it a good one, please.
  21. Good point. Wrap an old t-shirt or something similar around the stand where it contacts the guitar.
  22. It's encouraging that they've got some good lower priced models. I'd like to see the ES series fall in price a bit so that buying one is a large purchase (like it used to be) and not a major one (like it is now).
  23. No problem, I wanted to see what your LP looked like! It's looks real nice, that's how it looks.

  24. SteveFord

    SG Classic

    Yep, the shops refused to sell him any at the end - who could blame them? This guitar was made to play "I'm Free" from Tommy, it just seems to come naturally to it. Don't you fret none, old Classic, nobody smashes you as long as I'm around!
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