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  1. Frank's only Top 10 hit, how weird is that?
  2. SteveFord


    Boy, they make some beautiful guitars. I see why you grabbed it.
  3. The major guitar companies are in an "arms race" of sorts and don't know how to stop it. Gibson really has only two solid body models: the SG and the Les Paul. Has anyone taken the time to see just how many variants and colors are available? It must be a logistics nightmare for the factory and the retailers must be rather overwhelmed as well. I'm not sure if a manufacturer could survive in today's climate with how things were done back in the McCarty era. Where's the excitement in having an SG and a Les Paul at four different price points? Would that generate any industry buzz? Isn't it better to have 43 different models of SG and 87 different Les Pauls in 628 colors? Well, that's a bit of a stretch but there's an awful lot of them, that's for sure. If you look at Gibson's tag line it reads Prestige, Quality and Innovation. They obviously spent a lot of time and money on a self tuning guitar. That may be the answer to a question that nobody really asked but it is innovative. Same deal with the battery operated gain booster - it's something new for people to talk up and write about. What is a Standard? It's simply a price point: there's models priced above and below it.
  4. I'm holding out for the cubic zirconia models rumored to be showing up on the Home Shopping Network later on this year. Kenny G is supposed to be flogging them, lucky dog.
  5. A buddy of mine has the same 73 Gold Top like dponzi has - it's a beautiful guitar, I've always coveted that one. Maybe someday but not today!
  6. No problem there my friend. My fun money has expired. And I'm okay with that. I feel like I've reached tonal nirvana. Actually I have reached tonal nirvana Too funny, that's a gorgeous guitar. May it bring you many years of happiness!
  7. That really is a big guitar, isn't it? You'd better slow down there, you won't have enough time to play them all.
  8. You can take the boy outta Joisey but you can't take the Joisey out of the boy or so it seems... I'll never forget the first time this girl asked me if I wanted my pop in a sack, I wasn't quite sure what she was offering, ha, ha.
  9. Just by the looks I was expecting it to be MUCH more expensive. Stunning is the word.
  10. That one looks to be perfect, doesn't it? Congratulations!
  11. My 335 Satin could have used the nibs to cover up the sharp fret ends.
  12. Take the guitar and with the butt end of it at eye height hold it horizontal and sight down along the edge of the neck where the low E string is. If you've ever sighted down an arrow you'll know what I'm talking about. You want the line of the neck to be straight (more or less). If you have the truss rod too tight the neck will be bowed back, too loose and the strings will bow the neck forward. Get it straight, raise or lower the tune-o-matic tail piece and then recheck in a day or two - give things time to settle down. Do NOT put too much tension on the truss rod as if you snap it off you're screwed. Hope this helps.
  13. So, where is this 12 string 335?
  14. Did you see this from another thread? http://www.cedarcreekcases.com/
  15. SteveFord


    Uh oh, I just had a fellow on a motorcycle forum dangle a TV Yellow Les Paul Special in front of me. Negotiations are underway... If adding one new guitar per year is a good thing, adding two can only be twice as good, I would think.
  16. SteveFord


    Adding one new guitar per year can't be a bad thing. That gives you enough time to play and appreciate it and see what it has to teach you before you move onto the next one you simply have to have or else life isn't worth living. That's why God invented the tax refund. If you don't immediately blow it on a guitar or motorcycle you go straight to Hell when you croak. No passing Go, no collecting $200, not even a take out burrito on the way. I should mention that you get extra brownie points if you have the deal lined up months in advance! You might think that I'm joking but why take chances? Best to play it safe and just buy the thing, already.
  17. Victory Pete, How are the frets on yours? They left the ends of mine really sharp so I had to spend quite a lot of time with my junior luthier's tool kit to get them to feel right.
  18. I reglued the binding on my Guild acoustic and it's held up fine for years.
  19. Thanks for posting that. Three things kind of jumped out at me: "Henry, our leader", batteries and these guys enjoy their jobs.
  20. You must have been a good boy last year - that's a wonderful gift.
  21. Very, very nice! I was wondering about that guitar and it doesn't seem to be stupidly overpriced. What's the sound like compared to your 345?
  22. You can always change out the pick ups, too. I would think 57 Classics would make for a nice sounding guitar.
  23. If nothing else, the guys with the Les Paul Specials now know where to look for a snug fitting case. My old maple flame Firebird started turning pink, I thought it was kind of cool to watch the transformation. I wish I had kept that one.
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