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  1. That 78 is a beauty and it looks to be in perfect condition. Congratulations!
  2. There's one thing that I meant to add but I neglected to: there's a new signature Les Paul out from somebody I've never heard of (imagine that) and he was saying that it takes a good seven years for a guitar to really come into it's own. I may not know who he is but I agree with that statement. I'm not quite sure what happens over time but the guitars do seem to change and go from being "a guitar" to "wow, that's really quite something". This Special is still only a few years old but I expect it to improve with age. On the other hand, I think I was in better shape seven years ago...
  3. They need to be "aged" as they appeal to a certain crowd who will buy them. I won't.
  4. Here's my new one, a 2011 TV Yellow Les Paul Special with an ebony fret board. I wasn't planning on buying one but the ebony pushed me over the edge. They evidently did a short run of ebony boards and this has been verified with Gibson plus it has a brown streak or two in it from their Grade B stock, I believe. The neck on this one is just perfect as it's slim, fast and the action is really, really low. I'm still learning what this guitar likes but a soft touch seems to bring out the best in it. I had to sell my SG Classic in order to buy this one and while the SG sounded better with more of a Roy Buchanon sound to it on the bridge pick up, this Les Paul is a better instrument. The only draw back I can find is that Gibson is skipping a step on the frets and is leaving the edges sharp. I spent some time with some 600 grit sand paper and have got them flush with the sides of the fret board but I still need to get the top sides of the frets smooth. Slow but sure. Other than that, this is just what I wanted - a small, light (8 pounds, 10 oz) guitar which plays really easily and sounds pretty darned good. This appears to be a gloss finish and not one of the satins or faded series. I'm the second owner and it's in just about perfect shape. I just HAD to have it but I did ask for first dibbs on my old SG Classic just in case it should ever resurface on the market!
  5. My latest, a small review will be over in the LP section:
  6. I've had a few - early 60s Les Paul Jr (SG shape), SG Classic, Les Paul Double Cutaway and one that I just bought last week - pics forthcoming.
  7. It sounds like you need some photo editing software. I use IrfanView which is a free program and works really well for what I do.
  8. And there hasn't been any current production US tubes in decades, we threw it all away when solid state made it big. That's a real shame as we made great tubes. My understanding is that the process is so dirty the EPA would make it stupidly expensive to make them again.
  9. I was thinking more along the lines of where the hardware and electronics come from. If my pick ups were actually made in China, the pots came from Brazil and the tuners, stud and tail piece were made in the Ukraine I would not be too pleased. Let's hope Gibson does not take that route as it will only cheapen the product (in more ways than one).
  10. No mention of Manny's Music Shop? I assume that they're still there and they were always really good to me.
  11. Outsourcing, what a concept. Here's the part they don't mention: only the most expensive component has to be made in the Country of Origin. Say the box equals 51% of the cost and the box is made in America, the guts come from Bangladesh. It's perfectly legal to sell it as Made In USA. You really don't know what the hell you're buying anymore. I would hope that Gibson is really using parts that are manufactured in the US and saving the outsourced stuff for Epiphone.
  12. The 70s - lots of really good music and cheap concert tickets, lots of garbage music, Nixon, 55 mile per hour speed limit, drugs, head shops, cops, really long hair, death of the British motorcycle industry, some really odd Gibson guitars and some really great ones, too, Marshall stacks, what else... It might be an age thing but it seemed like people were much wilder and much happier, too. I think people were more tolerant and we certainly had more discretionary income as the US hadn't really got the whole outsourcing thing going in full swing until the greedy 80s hit. It was a good time to be in your teens and 20s. I don't think I'd want to be a teen ager today.
  13. For the stiffness add a small amount of bow in the neck. Get the truss rod nut snug and back it off maybe 1/8 of a turn and see how that feels. Too much bow will make the guitar feel sloppy, too little will make it feel really stiff. I had that issue with a Les Paul Classic a few years back so I buzzed the frets down a little with a sanding block and steel wool and put a little bit of a bow in the neck. It ended up feeling really good when I was done with it.
  14. Nobody has earlier and current Firebirds?
  15. Recently, the Brian Setzer Orchestra. He was having so much fun and I was letting a room full of guitars sit so back to it!
  16. I don't know about the numbers but congratulations! I like Les Pauls a lot but if my house ever caught fire I'd grab the 335, the Lucille and the wife.
  17. A bit down the road I'm going to replace the Firebirds that I sold off. I had an 05 VII and a 2007 V - how do the current pick ups compare to the earlier ones? I don't want to buy anything that is stupidly hot sounding. I don't think that's the case but does anyone have experience with the current versus the older Firebirds?
  18. I played one of the 335 fat necks and it's HUGE! It didn't feel like the 50s neck on my Les Paul Studio, it felt like a war club.
  19. It looks like there's a 345 in the background next to the Scotty Moore piece. For this year I like the Trini Lopez and the Firebird, nothing else really gets my interest up. A 330 might be nice but I think it could be a bit of a feedback monster with a Marshall.
  20. I've owned both guitars (that V and the SG Standard) and didn't care for the pick ups in the V as they're really geared towards a heavy metal sound and just seemed to be ridiculously hot. It did have a really nice neck, though, but I sold it before I got around to changing out the pick ups to something a bit more "traditional" sounding. I was expecting more of a Wishbone Ash sound and instead I got thrash metal! Perhaps a 70s reissue V was really what I was looking for instead of one of the current crop.
  21. Thanks for posting this, Robbie Krieger is one of my favorite guitarists.
  22. I use D'Addario 9s and they're fine. You'll have to slack off the truss rod a bit once you put them on.
  23. Too late, you're on "The List". Oops, I think I just got myself put on there, too. Oh, well...
  24. That doesn't look quite right, does it?
  25. The Bicentennial model was a bit earlier and I believe there was another batch prior to yours as well. Nice guitar, I like the way the white has aged to an ivory color.
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