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Pretty pumped about this purchase.


Needed something with a little more oomph than my Boogie Studio 22 was able to offer.

Have been practicing with a new group of guys for the past 5 weeks and it's going pretty well so I decided

to step up and get something that was more practical for what I'm doing now.


Prior to calling up my favorite local shop I had no knowledge of Blackstar amps.

After they told me what they had,, I read up on them and saw plenty of fine reviews.


I didn't want anything too huge. I have no need for a 100w or even a 60w amp. And I didn't want anything that

was 70 or 80 lbs. I didn't want to break the bank, or my back.


So they let me take this HT Club 40 out on approval to try out before I bought it. Played around with it

for a week at home(quietly) and then took it to practice last night to try out in a jam setting.


Damn!!! This thing is all they crack it up to be. I am duly impressed.

All the band mates were also very impressed by it's sound. It was the amp,, certainly not my playing..lol


I'm not much of a pedal guy so I won't be putting much through this thing and I don't need to.

The distortion variables on this thing is amazing. No plans for any distortion pedals of any kind.

It sounds fantastic on it's own.


The clean channel is very sweet. I picked up a Zoom G1Xon that I will use for some of the chorus, flange and maybe a delay

or 2. No need for any of the amp models or the distortions on the Zoom.


I can't say enough about this amp. It's pretty amazing and for the price it just knocks it out of the park.

When I got it home last night I peeled off the price tags knowing I was not taking this one back to the store.

It's a keeper. Can't imagine needing anything else. Will be plenty big for any venue we will play.

OK,, I will shut up now.




Blackstar HT Club 40





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Thanks Guys...

Much appreciated.







the feeling of something being much better than you expect is a real buzz aint it.



Hell ya.. I usually only use reviews as a guideline until I can for my own opinion.

The tell tale for me was the ratio of positive to negative that drew me to the amp.

Sometimes that can work against things when your expectations are set high it's easy to be disappointed.

Not the case with this one.




I've been considering one of those myself.......glad to hear you like it.



If you are considering one and you have the ability to take it and try it before you buy it

you should take one home and try it out. I really didn't get to appreciate it until I could use it in

a jam where it was in a mix of sound. It was really clear and cut through well.




Sounds like you are very happy… Congrats… Oh no!!! [drool] Amp GAS… Pewh…! I'm wiffin it strong. I'm real happy with my Rebel 30 but a combo would sure save me some set up time….


And it's only 53 lbs Dave ;)

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I've got a Blackstar HT5-R mini stack for home and it's superb. Blackstar make quality gear and are getting more and more popular. I've been told that Blackstar was started by a group of ex-Marshall employees?



Marshall engineers to be exact.....

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I've been told that Blackstar was started by a group of ex-Marshall employees?




Marshall engineers to be exact.....


And yep!


Never heard of these amps before last week.

Pretty happy I did.



Are you quick to suggest that any sport with a puck has to be about the best as you jab your elbow in her!



Not many will have a clue what the hell you are talking about.

Nice one.

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