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Post you Pickgrip!


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let's see how differently we do this. maybe we can learn something/get some tips..




I exclusively use dunlop jazz IIIs, bigger picks just don't work for me any more. but I seem to be wearing these plastic ones out pretty quick. they're cheap though [biggrin]

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mine is the same as Surf's. like to keep my index finger at the edge, for hitting the harmonics and squeals ... have been chasing that since I fisrt saw Roy Buchanon in 1974.


Gotta have those squealies! (in moderation of course lest you end up like Zakk Wylde) [biggrin]


My family already thinks I'm weird. I'll never hear the end of it if they see me taking pictures of my hand. [unsure]


I know, right. I already had one since we did this a couple years ago. It did feel kinda weird. I don't do selfies either. :rolleyes:

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I was going to post a picture, but oddly realized something.... I grip in the pick in about five or six different ways, depending on what I am doing. Never realized that before. I had assumed that I had one grip, lol. I just learned something about myself, lol. A couple looked even odd to me, ha ha. I might have to post a series of them, when I have time.

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I'm pretty heavy-handed and sometimes the picks tend to move around in my grip alot so I started using the over-sized rounded-triangle picks so I don't lose one out of my handing during a gig.


I often have to readjust my grip during a song and that can be a little disconcerting, but I seem to do OK with it...


The larger rounded-triangle picks allow me to relax my grip a little for a more sensitive touch to combat my heavy-handedness...


My hand used to fatigue, I suspect from my proclivities for tendinitis, when I used standard picks, the bigger rounded-triangle picks were/are a God-send!


I also tend to use the backs of my fingernails on my pick hand for strumming too and use all my fingers in this approach quite often...


In that approach I even hold my index finger and thumb together like I'm holding a pick, only without one, and use the back of my index fingernail on down strokes and my thumbnail on up strokes for some lighter playing...


I change-up my attack tremendously and often to key off the emotional cues of The Blues that I play...


I do alot of emotional content playing to the feel of the song/moment/crowd and stress/accent different parts with much harder and a more ferocious attack vs more subtle and content passages and fills...


I'll suddenly tone it way down to a light volume and finger pick with my index finger like Albert King or Albert Collins, but usually for the quieter passages; like Buddy Guy, to take the audience on that roller-coaster ride from barely audible to over-bearing; ala Peter Green and Buddy Guy.


I do alot of right hand muting so I tend to let alot of pick hang out of my grip...


I'll post a pic later if I can get around to it.

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Over the years my pick grip has changed. When I first started learning as a teenager, I tried to be a lead player like Randy Rhodes, EVH etc. So I had a consistent grip and used a thin pick and got real good at past, alternated picking. I've heard someone here call it "tremolo picking". Somewhere along the way I got more into blues style and went through the SRV phase (much to the chagrin of RCT [flapper] ) and got into heavy picks. But I also found myself in the 90s trying to practice late at night when wife and babies were sleeping, so to try and be quiet I held a very loose grip. To this day I have never recovered and my pick hand is a mess, just holding it any which way, and it's constantly moving around in my fingers. :unsure: I still need a heavy pick though. Hate thin picks. My buddy even gave me a metal pick a few months ago, and I am loving that.


Edit: thinking more about it, it seems like I am that way with everything I do. There is nothing I can think of that I do consistently the same way every time and that includes playing guitar. In the same way that I hold my pick differently all the time, I can remember years ago we used to have ping pong tables in our work break rooms. There were some really good players, but everyone else had a certain way they held their paddle all the time. I was never the best player, but I had about 3 or 4 different grips that I would alternate using many times within the same game. Even when I was into martial arts, I would spar both southpaw and righty, sometimes switching in the same match.

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