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It arrived today and so I thought I would post up some guitar porn :o










I spent the evening with it and, even though I owned a Comanche years ago - I had forgotten all of the voicings available in these guitars. It plays like butter, it sounds absolutely wonderful in every setting, it holds tuning beautifully & is just a pure joy to play. The setup was perfect out of the box, I just had to tune it.


Anyone else own a Comanche? Thanks for reading :)

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I have never owned one (G&L), but was never not impressed when I've played some.


A friend has a green ASAT (Sparkly thing) telecaster style. It's really a great playing sounding guitar.


I see that these can be had for fractions off the new prices in the second hand market and pawn shops.

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Nice Score, Rev!




As a matter of interest;

The small p'head decal reads "Tribute Series"......but surely George and Leo didn't mean as a tribute to one of their earlier efforts?......msp_scared.gif......



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