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Apparently Australia supplies 80% of the gemstone quality opals. I think they are the nicest gemstone in the world, each one individual from the other.




I’ve bought 3 opal rings for Gael over the years as she likes them too.


I like the more subtle milky colours, do you see one you like?

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I kinda like those Fire Opals Rob.

Some of them really look like they are on fire! [biggrin]



The problem is that they all look nice I reckon Brad but I like less obvious things. I think Fire Opal is less common that some of the other colours, probably worth more too.


We have 4 main places they are found, Coober Pedy and Andamooka in South Australia, White Cliffs & Lightning Ridge in northern NSW.


Even some old fence posts have been found opalised so it can be a quick transformation.


Solid opal is expensive stuff though.

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As stones go, I am a big fan of opals.

I bought my first wife an opal ring that was really gorgeous. This was decades ago.


My 2nd wife is a bigger fan of jade, but she's kind of an aging hippy chick.


All that said, this is the opal that I like the best.








Incidentally I like jade a lot too! We bought some as jewellery a couple of times in Cowell S.Aust when we were there catching Blue Swimmer crabs. Cowell is Australia's only source of Jade and includes rare black jade.

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Didn't know they came in so many colors. I bought Deb a set of them way way back. Ring and earrings. I like the blue stone way down although my birthstone is a Diamond. No one has ever offered to get me my birthstone in a mans ring?msp_confused.gifive had lots of people ask me what my stone is, Hmmm? msp_confused.gif

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