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Your Top 3 Guitar Influences


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Screw three... I can't narrow it down that much!


(in no particular order)


David Gilmour

Adam Jones

Billy Howerdell

Jerry Cantrell

Neil Young

King Buzzo

Kevin Shields

John Frusciante

Josh Homme

The guys from Isis (Aaron Turner, Bryant Clifford Meyer, and Michael Gallagher)

Mikael Adkerfeldt

Thom Yorke

Jeff Buckley




I think that covers most of them...

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Hbomb those are all the guys I almost put on my list. I feel like you and I are SG compatriots.


Cool man, it's nice to have a kindred spirit! Most of my peers (sadly) don't even know who some of those guys are!



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Cool man' date=' it's nice to have a kindred spirit! Most of my peers (sadly) don't even know who some of those guys are!




I know what you mean. It is sad especially since all of those guys are on all the classic rock stations almost every day, and people love the riffs, but they don't know who did them.

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Actually... at the earlier years 50s and 60s? John Lee Hooker, the whole Glen Miller and Duke Ellington band sounds and harmonies rather than just a solo guitar, and probably all the guys and girls I went to college with who were pickers - which seems in memory to be about half the student body whipping off folkie-grassie stuff.


For what it's worth, actor Peter Coyote was a pretty good picker when he was a college senior and I a freshman guitar beginner.


Rev. Gary Davis reeeeeally made you think about using right and left hand together with some fantastic fingerpicking that sounds a little crude in ways, but still "wow!" (I think he was playing that jumbo Gibson acoustic when I got to see him a bit.) Ian Tyson's nice clean and relatively simple flatpicking was rock solid and a good influence on anybody whether in the 60s or today.


I joke that I had a flamenco period that was inflamed after my first year at flamenck-ing by getting to sit less than 20 feet or so away from Carlos Montoya. Yup, it was a long time ago.


Big Joe Williams was a wild man and that electrified 9-string blues was something else. I think he was playing an electrified Kay in the '60s, but had used a Gibbie L7 earlier and a 12-string with an open tuning later on.


John Koerner and his 7-string (doubled G with octaves) and finger-picking ragtime and blues influenced me as a kid, too...


How can you listen to Django, Joe Pass, Kessel and such without being in awe of a first generation of jazz guitaring that set a standard and style for pretty much all who followed? Or the incredible artistry of listening to such as Segovia or later on, Christopher Parkening?


I was too "folkie-rockie-classically" to listen as much to Chet as I should have... or I'd say that the world's most incredibly versatile guitar picker influenced me more than all put together.

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