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The genius of Johnny Smith


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14 hours ago, jaxson50 said:

I doubt there are many Bing Crosby fans Here, but Johnny toured with him, this is the only video of Johnny playi g a full concert. His are comps are just awesome 



He sang Par-Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum with Bowie. He has a great distinct voice.

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8 hours ago, Notes_Norton said:

I Great player from the past that should not be forgotten.

There are a few that shouldn't be forgotten, but it seems only a small collective of music connoisseurs would know these musicians. I'm 36 and can guarantee most people I know (even musicians) would not know who Johnny Smith was sadly. I first heard of him years ago, but because of his signature Gibson model and not his playing. It was only after that I started listening to his playing. 

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And don’t forget about the Guild Johnny Smith Award model that later was renamed the Artist Award.

A former neighbor of mine grew up in Colorado Springs, where Smith had relocated & opened a music store after deciding to quit the New York scene.  One evening after she heard me playing next door, she told me her dad played guitar & had been friends with Johnny Smith.  She asked if I’d ever heard of him, and I said indeed I had!  She said he sometimes would come over to their house & play guitar with her dad, and my playing had fondly reminded her of those times during her childhood.

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On 1/26/2020 at 8:40 AM, Sgt. Pepper said:

He sang Par-Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum with Bowie. He has a great distinct voice.

But, it wasn't Smith who sang with Bowie.  Or did you forget WHO this thread was about?  :rolleyes:

And FRETPLAY, Crosby probably didn't look too well in that clip because according to that clip the performance was in 1977, the same year Crosby died.  

And sho' 'nuff Smith was an outstanding guitarist.  And I wouldn't mind having that D'Angelico he's pickin' in that first clip.  [wink]


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