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RIP John Prine


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John had a great career and many fans. He was respected in every genre, and by all writers. He made it past three score plus 10. He did what he loved for a living, so he never worked a day in his life. 

I'll not mourn his death, I'll celebrate his life.

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1 hour ago, fortyearspickn said:


There's a song there. 


He probably wrote it but didn't get around to recording it. Love Angel From Montgomery. I've seen Bonnie do it both times I saw her.

I am an old woman

Named after my mother

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Just give me something I can hold onto

To believe in this living is just a hard way to go. 

Written 50 years ago and never truer than now. I saw Bonnie do Angel from Montgomery with James Taylor at Fenway Park several years ago. It was so good I nearly cried. When I listened to LaBomba's post I did. I have that recording on a Bonnie Raitt Collection double CD somewhere and it brought back fond memories of a great song performed by two great artists that were also great friends. I saw Bonnie interviewed by Anderson Cooper last night and she gave a great tribute to John. I'll be adding Angel from Montgomery back to my solo acoustic set list and after last week I vowed to learn the great Bill Whithers songs. We could all use somebody to lean on these days. 

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