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Classic Club, Anyone?


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So does mine! Sometimes Heritage Cherry sometimes wicked light!


That's interesting. My Cherry bursts ('76 LP Deluxe, and '80 LP Custom) don't change colors,

like the Honeyburst does. I'm assuming it's because they are "plain tops" and the "Classic"

is a figured top? I suppose it refects light, a bit differently, that way.


By the way, "FallenRoses," I have a good friend, that lives in Mustang, OK. He runs oil rigs, in Texas. 2 weeks,

on, then has 2 weeks off. He's a drummer, I was in a band with, when we were kids, 40 years ago. LOL!



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Mine's in the avatar.


< < < < < <



Also here in a few pics.

Built late 2000, it's actually a Classic Plus - so denoted for the "Plus" top.

I replaced the horrid ceramics with BB Pros, wish I had put a 57 Classic Plus in the bridge...










Can you spot the Classic in this picture?



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Dude, that wasn't very nice.



Wait a minute....

You're in Mustang?


I finished high school in Chickasha, with a haircut like that I would have kicked your *** just for fun.

Of course, this was nearly 30 years ago.....




Yeah, I'm kidding!


jrseriel, LEARN SOME MANNERS! - and look at the house he lives in....

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