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Sing, oh toothless one!!

Buc McMaster

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Reckon I ought to sing while I still can.  The old choppers are failing me and it's getting difficult to sing...........time to investigate dentures, I reckon.  Started wrestling with this one yesterday and, as you can see, it's not quite ready for primetime.........but I'm tired and this is all you get for now.  The Hummingbird is setup for working live, strung with DR Pure Blues .011 nickel  which work very well with the Sunrise pickup.  The plain third intonates pretty well if I tune it just a hair flat.........tuned to pitch it's noticeably sharp..........holds up okay with the capo at the fifth.  This one should be ready to go for next weeks' open mic...............


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Really  good job, Bud!  Sweet bird!   As always…… As far as teeth are concerned, my mom had great teeth and all but one of them when she died at 93.  My dad had bad teeth his entire life and I seem to be following his path.  I’ve got 19-20 of the original 32 and having issues with some of those survivors.   I imagine a bunch of us in here know where you’re coming from…….   So long as I can chew steak, I’ll be okay.

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