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I was not expecting that


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4 hours ago, Big Bill said:

Yeah, trying to look like Edward Van Halen

How?  By the hair?

Or that doped look on his face?  And he does sound a bit British, and articulate, in an Ozzy Osborne sort of way.  🙄  They should have included "closed captions" so we could understand what the f_ck he was talking about.  [huh]


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1 hour ago, duane v said:

whatever the case he's a good player.

He is great isnt he..   There are points where what I hear seems way faster than what I am seeing his fingers doing..

In the Q&A they ask him how he keep his fingers so relaxed and the answer (if you didnt watch) is exactly what you expect.. He doesnt press hard and keeps the action as low as possible.

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You’d think he’d put on a smile when you play that good… every time I see this guy, hardcore serious guitarist. Have some fun man haha! Nah he’s having fun. His occasional glares are just his thing. He looks like he’s feeling it in his own way. Quite a talent though. Bless him

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I expect this guy to be guesting with Eric Johnson / Vai / Satriani / Bonamassa soon.  Or similar?  He should get some offers, anyway.

But then again...we have got to a point where (if you're that good) you don't have to slog around in a band....you can sit at home, make videos and be an influencer.   Of course the pandemic has had a big effect that way.

It's not rock and roll as we know it, Jim - but it might be a living for a few years.....?

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