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I'm out of here...


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You can check out any time you like' date='

but you can never leave.

(Joe Walsh Guitar Solo)[/quote']

When I was a Kid I thought they were talking about an old episode of Outer Limits where everyone in the Hotel was really living in a big Brain.


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Out of where? with your post count you should be interned on a nursing home. Spend more time playing and less in here' date=' all this ****ers talk about is politics anyway[/quote']


Here's another idiot.


This place has become an idiot magnet.


God bless ya Thunder. You are a friend, and it's been a pleasure sharing conversation with you.


Best of luck.



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This 'Giant' dude is even more of an arsehole than me!


Just came to make on post. I'm betting he'll be back when he's ready' date=' but until then, you'll have to do without one of the best posters on this forum. Good luck TG![/quote']



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