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Birthday Blues.


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That's right, I forgot you used to be deepblue1963. I have my 46th coming up in a couple weeks. Happy Birthday. +:-@


As for your time alone... Enjoy it! Eat badly, drink too much, fart in every room, and leave all the toilet lids up. =P~/

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Happy 46th! +:-@


someone wanna cheer me up?

L&M is open and they have an Oxblood in stock...go buy it.

Their 12 month' date=' no interest deal starts on Thursday but I'm sure they'll let you start it today. =P~


No, that didn't work? How about a shot of my new guitar?




I have two Trads on loan for the weekend. I'm about 85% sure on keeping this one.

Here's the other one.



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Happy Birthday deepblue! C'mon down to Buffalo and we'll celebrate. I've got a wedding to attend today but I'd love to skip it. We'll hang here with some Canadian beer, watch my Les Paul DVD and then head over to the HOG in Rochester to drool over the guitars...

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