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Hi Guys


My idea is to hire the local Conservative Club (with bar :) ) for a Gibson forum XMas get together. Rog could film it and have it streamed live so the US and Canadian guys could kind of be there too.


All you (Uk people) have to do is bring an amp and guitar (preferably a Gibson!) and also some kind of buffet snack.


My wife and me will do the bar from 12 pm until the club officially at 7 and we will have backing tracks of Cream, Zeppelin, Gary Moore, Guns n' Roses, BB King, AC DC Hendrix etc etc for anyone to just crank the guitar up and play, think of it like a giant drunken open mic.


Is anyone interested?



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excellent!! Well including me and Suzie that is 6 of us plus wives, partners and anyone we all feel like inviting along for the festivities too!


It would be so cool if could set Rogers mac with a web cam and have some of the 'foreign members' still there. (yes I am being cheeky saying foreign;) ) But seriously an awesome idea.


The cons club is a cool little venue!


How about we say provisionally Saturday the 19th of December? Starting early afternoon.


Our house is quite small but could accommodate one couple. There is also a BB in the same road (about 7 houses away) for about £50 per night!



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Love to join you. Where?


I've got the when. Sat 19 December yes?


Last time round I got Gibson UK involved to an extent. I'd be very happy to contact them again and see what they could do this time round.


Just let me know.






That would be fantastic!


The room can be used, with the bar until 12 midnight and we are going to bring A 100 watt Yamaha PA, Laney Valve combo and Ashdown Acoustic combo.


The address is 19 Station Road Sidcup


It is less than 20 miles form central London and only 30 minutes on the train from Charring Cross.


It could be a really great fun event. Please feel free to invite anyone too Albert.



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