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Vote for your pick for the best women of Rock n Roll or Pop music, I know I left out many deserving name's but there are just to many!

From Aretha Franklin to Carly Simon to KT Tunsten we have been lucky to have been entertained by some great female singer song writers and performers.

I'll admit, when it comes to flashy clothes, extreme high heeled shoes, tight pant's and halter tops, it is hard for any woman to compete with the likes of Freddy Mercury and Elton John, [biggrin] but lets try!

So let's light this candle!

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Who wouldn't?


She's kinda my hero.


Sorry to see she didn't make your list.


Riverside, what's important is she made your list, and she certainly deserves to be on any list of greats. This isn't about me and my pick's. If there were a poll option that would allow me to post every woman who deserves to be on such a poll it would be as large as a Chinese Phone book!

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Yeah, Jeez....

Too many to give them all their due.


Aretha is Royalty, like her or not.


Wilson sisters - odd for me because as much as I respect chicks 'n guitars it was Ann's voice that killed me.



Ronstadt had some pipes as well, but her politics piss me off.

When I met her nephew (bought a bass from him) I told him as much too....

She lives right down the road from me in Tucson.



Benatar was my ideal Rock Chick because of her teamwork with her soon to be husband, Neil Geraldo.

That guy is a MONSTER player, criminally unknown and under rated.



Shirley Manson of Garbage has a sultry voice that moves me, rare for a singer.



Laugh if you want, but The Donnas have some good rock and roll.

The lead player Allison Robertson is kinda old school/bluesy and plays a mean Les Paul.


Many, many more. I'll think of them later.

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PJ Harvey. Little known english super talent.

Her style ranges from raw punkish 3 chord powerhouses to ethereal piano and indie.




Also, not mentioned Linda Perry. Best remembered for Four Non-Blonds but WAY cooler than anyone could imagine.

If Janis Joplin and Robert Plant had a baby...and yes, that is Slash on the guitar.


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