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The guitar player in Motion City Soundtrack only uses SG JR's.

Daren from System of a Down/Scars on Brodway uses SG's.

Fred ex Taking Back Sunday and now The Color Fred guitar player uses specials.

Micah from Hawthorne Heights used to use SG's mainly but now he uses an array of Gibson's.

One of the guys from Across Five Aprils used a faded special for a long time, not sure if he still does.

Jerry Cantrell from Alice in Changes has a few.


There is way more but I can't remember names right now.


Do I count? [thumbup]


I'm a touring guitar player and a girl came up to me in the mall yesterday and said she loved my playing. Thats the first time thats ever happened outside of a show and I was sooooo stoked. (I called half my family to tell them)

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- Seth Jabour and Andrew Reuland of Les Savy Fav.


- Jeff Tweedy of Wilco has a few sweet SGs. And former Wilco guitarist Jay Bennett sported one with a single P90. RIP, brother.


- Gary Louris of the Jayhawks.


- James Gurley (RIP) and Sam Andrews of Big Brother and the Holding Company

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