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I was notified about a month ago that I had won the Slash Reckless Road Sweepstakes. Prize was 2 Slash signed Goldtop Les Pauls.(one Gibson and one Epi) They arrived yesterday and also included were some nice concert prints of the band and the Reckless Road book. This is a first for me as I never win anything but now we know these contests are legit.

Here's some porn for your veiwing pleasure!











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yeah I'm a little old fashioned when It comes to marking up a beautiful goldtop but it is a one of a kind sig.


Hmmmm,...mixed feelings on the signatures. Whilst its pretty awesome you won this original prize, as a player, what do you do? Use them with a huge penned Signature? Highly debatable...


As a collector? Keep them and just pull them out ever so often...


As a Seller? Get them on EBAY and see what ya can get for them.... =P~


If it was me I'd sell one and keep one. Guess which one I'd sell?


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I'm sure others want to know this also. Please be totally honest, If you were blind folded, could you really tell them apart 10 out of 10 times. I have the Epi. Les paul 2002 50th anniversary Edition and was told by my luthier that he was amazed at how well it played and sounded and said it felt and played as nice as his Gibson. Being new instruments to you, you would be the perfect one to really test them out. PLEEAASE !!!! OK mabey 10 out of 10 times will take too much of your time, so can you really try it 5 out of 5 times and be truthful with your results? Man, I thought I was lucky getting my Epi. 50th for $220.00 at a pawn shop. I think I may want to start attending YOUR place of worship LOL. you lucky razum frazum $#@#%^&&$#3 OK I'm over my temporary JEL. attack. CONGRATS!!!! I personally love the signature. Alot of other people have those guitars without one. Good luck with them.

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Congratulations on the new guitars! You are very lucky!


Personally, I would leave the signatures on there; they are awesome! And forget about just playing them once in a while. You've just been sent two great guitars, so play 'em!


BTW, I agree about the finish on the Epi, it's a bit too sparkly for me. But on the other hand, i prefer a Les Paul with a pickgaurd.

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Congratulations man...2 great guitars..with great signatures from Slash...Please please please do not rub off those autographs...and don't sell them...Slash is an amazing guitarist .... an icon in my point of view. Lots of people on here prolly don't agree...but he's about as rock n roll as it gets and hasn't changed...just kicked the dope habit! lol....put them up on ur wall on display man...don't play em...don't rub them off....and don't sell them so that some guy can trash it....again tho...congrats!

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Personally, I'd keep the Gibson in the case, with the signature. Wait for slash to die, and you'll snag 15,000 for that one easy, LOL. I'd play the epi... Leave the signature on, or, with enough elbow grease, standard guitar polish will eventually take it off. If you're impatient, lacquer thinner will get it off in no time, just make sure you have plenty of clean rags to IMMEDIATELY wipe it off with, or else it could damage the finish. I've done this to remove both sharpie ink and sticker goo, with no damage to an epi finish. Do NOT try it on the Gibson though, as that is a lacquer finish, and the thinner will eat the finish away very quickly and efficiently.


Anyway, great score! I'd personally prefer the sunburst model, but for free? You're damn right I'd rock a goldtop! :) Congrats man! Enjoy!

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