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Buy another Les Paul or SG????


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I have a R8 that I just love to death, so my question is for tonal reason's would I be better off getting a SG rather than another Les Paul of some sort?


I know you can never have to many Les Paul's but for practical reason does it make sense if you could only have two Gibson's.

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I hope this doesn't somehow trigger a G.A.S. attack and I end up with a Firebird by the end of the week. O:)


richiejb, I'm a Gibson-aholic. I have a SG Standard, ES-335, R8, R9, LP Custom, LP Standard & LP BFG.

LP Customs and SG Standards both have the same pickups - 490/498.

The SG is a great guitar, but the LP Custom has a much wider tonal range...it's quite impressive!

The SG doesn't have as much of a range. If you haven't played them, go and try 'em.

You'll see for yourself and will probably agree with what I just said.


If I could only have two Gibsons, my LP Custom would be one of them.

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I vote sg,I played one for many years that is still to this day the best "playable" guitar I've ever owned. bar none.

you won't be dissapointed. it's what I "cut my teeth" on so to speak, so I may be a little biased.


they are definately worth the money

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Jeez Tim' date=' the way your going, why don't you just get one of each.[/quote']

The thought has crossed my mind...but where would it end? :-k

I have enough Les Pauls...I think.

I'm actually trying to sell my BFG and am waiting for a potential buyer right now.

So, if it does sell, I'll be back down to 4. 4's a good number.


(I know what you're thinking and no SB, I won't be buying a Traditional. #-o)

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Head down to your local shop and play both of them. You'll know which one is for you when you get there. I have 3 LPs, and each sounds vastly different from the next. So, there is no harm in variety within one style of guitar.


But, let your instinct guide you. . .

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