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Good voices, sexy voices, powerful voices, unique voices...


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Who's voices have made an impression on you over the years?

I suppose I'm lucky to have the BIG voice I have - got it from my Dad who shook the earth when I was kid. [scared][crying]


Not really a great singing voice though - but I can do a mean Jim Morrison. [thumbup]

Been told a million times I should be a DJ....


Accents and speech impediments aside, what remarkable or unique voices have stayed with you?

I was watching the news and political pundit Susan Estrich was on, MY GOD what a horrible voice that woman has!!!

(I would post a link, but EVERYTHING she does is political - see YouTube if you care to hear her...)


Got me thinking about some people with incredible voices - including friends of ours in church.

Charlie is nearly sixty, but has a singing voice outta this world.

Mrs. Neo has a great, beautiful voice, but it's not unique in any Major League way.



As far as women's voices from television commercials and such, actress Sally Kellerman had a lower, sultry voice.

Suzanne Pleshette being another.


Alison Krauss has the thinnest soprano, but she can really make it work.

Riverside's Pomplamoose has the super-mellow chick singer that is unique nowadays.



Anyhow, just a start to get things rolling.


Whatcha got?

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Good thread Neo...i don't pay attention to MANY vocalists. I mostly listen to the instrumentation but some vocalists get me...


Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Mondo Cane) being at the top:




He's kind of an elitist d*ck but I love his voice and his music.

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I've always liked Tom Petty, though I wouldn't say he has a "good" voice.

Conversely, I never could listen to Bob Dylan - a significant model for him.


I know - blasphemy...

Same for Geddy Lee - some of his stuff is hard for me to take.


But let's get back to the positive, eh?

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Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Mark Farner


Conway Twitty and George Jones...



Carrie Underwood


Rob Halford and David Lee Roth....



Holy cow, I could post for DAYS in this thread....


Crosby, Stills, Nash AND Young....





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I enjoy lots of singers, however, the ones who've really caught my eye are:


  • Jim Morrison - no explanation needed
  • Grace Slick - Jefferson Airplane, very powerful
  • Dan Auerbach - The Black Keys, has a kind of vintage-ish soulful voice on some tracks, very unusual these days [thumbup]
  • Frank Sinatra - Not really rock, but... come on
  • Jakob Dylan - He, unlike his father (of whom I'm a big fan), has an incredible singing voice. Listen to the album "Women and Country" and you'll see
  • Geddy Lee - Either you hate him or love him, I used to not like it, but that's all gone now. Listen to "Double Agent" off of "Counterparts," very suitable voice for that kind of song
  • Sonny Boy Williamson - Not too unique, but has a nice groove to it
  • Phil Lynott - A dark and sort of "broad" irish voice, cool as hell
  • Roger Daltrey - His singing is really powerful


and of course, last but definately not least;


  • Tom Waits [woot]

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Ozzy - Like his voice or not, no one sounds remotely like him.

Dio - Best metal voice of all time, IMO

Billie Holiday - Best female voice, bar none.

Amy Lee - Sexxxxy [love]

James Taylor - Even being the metalhead I am, Fire and Rain gets me every time

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