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Hey Taylor! Mika is a Bengal' date=' too. BEST CAT EVER!!! Never had one that was more of a people cat...[/quote']


Tell me about it... Mine is more like a dog than a cat. He fetches and brings things back better than any dog I ever had, loves water (he will even sit still to get a bath and drinks out of a running sink no problem) runs to the door if the doorbell rings to see who is there and is contantly "talking" whenever he wants something. Not the best lap cat, but who wants that! I like to wrestle with him and he loves the fights. Love to see more photos of Mika!

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Just some goldfish, my fiancee and my first pets together, also she has a cross eyed Boston Terrier and a Miniature Pinscher and I have a Cairn Terrier . It's weird, the black moor stares at me when I play guitar sometimes and the Cairn will lay down in front of the amp sometimes when I play. Boring, but relaxing. Next pet, an English Bulldog or Irish Wolfhound, but we'll probably adopting a mutt.

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