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I'd say whatever acoustic stuff you're comfortable with and might be familiar to an audience.


I've been doing that sorta thing since the summer of '64.


Don't use bug spray 'cuz it'll destroy the guitar finish.


Have fun; it ain't a concert.


Even little kid songs take on more fun for teens and adults of all ages at a campfire. And they're easy to play.



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Campfire songs also depend on the age group of listeners.


I just got asked to do a repeat concert in late October that will be probably 50 kids in grades K-4 on stage with the old picker and a genuine imitation campfire.


Basically it's the same sorta thing I did when I was a late teen picker with kids age 10-14 around real campfires, except on a stage where there ain't gonna be any mosquitoes.


It's an easy entry to all kinds of additional on-stage stuff if desired... "I remember when I was a kid at Christmas, there was a whole marching drum corps around the tree... you can almost hear 'em now..." followed by a real marching drum corps marching down the theater aisles...


... Now at the college age level, there's gotta be at least some degree of risque stuff; that and with an older crowd will depend on the venue. "Hey Leidy Leidy" (however you spell it) Can have verses like, "I knew a girl who's long and tall (Hey Leidy, Leidy, Hey Leidy, Leidy Low), Sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in the hall..." Then a second Verse, "I knew a girl who's short and small (Hey Leidy, Leidy, Hey Leidy, Leidy Low), Sleeps in the kitchen with her feet in kitchen... etc."





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Just don't play Dueling Banjo's it didn't work out so well for Ned in the movie.



I would think anything you normally do with acoustic stuff would work if your performing for others even camping, if it's a camp fire sing-along I don't honestly know what to tell you, but I haven't seen one of those since I was a -preteen kid at summer camp in the 60's. When surfing or camping at the beach since then we usually just take turns doing song's and everybody else just listen's, unless it's christmas carols it's not a sing along.

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OHHHH my favorite from Camp was "The Pig Song:"


You could square dance to it ---


It was early in October I was feelin far from sober

As I struggled down the street in drunken pride

As my knees began to shudder I lay down there in the gutter

And a pig came up and lay down by my side




And a pig came up and lay down BY MY SIDE!


As we lay there in the gutter not one word did we utter

But a lady passing by was heard to say

"You can tell a man who boozes by the company he chooses"

And the pig got up and slowly walked away!




And the pig got up and slowly WALKED AWAY!!!


Skype or call me or some'n, I'll sing it to ya :)


We always yelled it out a capella during dinner and got up and square danced.





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Also loved the alternate verses to "My Bonnie" in my sis' 4H little green book:


My Bonnie leaned over the gas tank

The height of its contents to see

I lighted a match to assist her

....Oh bring back My Bonnie to me ....



My Bonnie has tuberculosis

My Bonnie has only one lung

My Bonnie can cough up raw oysters

And roll them around on her tongue!


Last night as I lay on my pillow

Last night as I lay on my bed

I stuck my feet out of the window

Next morning the neighbors were dead ...


(Chorus: bring back my neighbors to me, to me...)


There was another one about upchucking with the chorus "clams, clams, clams, clams, clams and ice cream don't agree - with me --" but I can't remember the verse right now....



And there's always --







Good luck!!



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AND I gotta plug my friend Joe Wrabek, whose comedy songs will do well around ANY campfire if you can learn 'em fast enough:




such treasures as:


"Chipmunks Roasting by the Open Fire"

"I'm Givin' Mom a Dead Dog for Christmas"

"Naked Space Hamsters in Love"

"Dead Things in the Shower"

"When They Die, I Put Them in the Cookies"

"Armadillo on the Interstate"




and JUST for Damian...


"Dirty Deeds We Done to Sheep" (AC/DC parody)



Joe Wrabek cracks me up. He oughta be famous. :-) Famous-er.


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