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jimmy page and ritchie blackmore...

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i always thought that ritchie was the better player of that time...and i still do.


your thoughts?


Hmmmm hard choice, Zeppelin and Deep Purple are two of my top classic bands, being addicted to hard rock and heavy metal the big three are like the foundation of the music for me.


Zeppelin, Sabbath and Deep Purple is what I compare all the music I listen to, these guys started the heavy trend and I will thank them forever for it. They are all guitar gods in there respective bands and nothing could sway my choice on that. Oh ya I am Pagan so I believe in more then one god.

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I thought Made In Japan was a sumptious buffet of georgeously overwrought stracaster through dimed Marshall sexy oozy goodness. Blackmore and I, even I was a kid, share dislike of middle pickups, my strats don't have one, he used a fake one, I didn't care about the hole and still don't.


I missed the whole Zep thing, liked them, had some records, wasn't apes hit about them though.


Both are Giants in their fields, like the songs we write and record it is hard to pick a favorite for any one reason or another. Both get all love and props and respect, and I would dearly love to have a cuppa and hang with both or either for a while. Page would prolly laugh if I said the internet is obsessed with how sloppy he plays. Blackmore is Grouchy, no? We'd get along fab!



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