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Going to see The Who Tonight


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Anyone know is Zak Starkey still on drums for them? Ringos son came the closest to recreating that moonie thunder.(I think keith was his Godfather) They were such a great band in their prime. Always loved Who's Next. a really great album.


That's right, I almost forgot. Zak Starky is sitting on the throne tonight. Supposed to be one helluva drummer too.


SRV-Zepplin, I'm going to see them at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan. Probably a little too late for you to make plans eh =P~ But they have other stops in N.A. Actually, I think they go to Toronto next. Vauxhall anywhere near Edmonton? My wife has family there and we spent 2 weeks there last August.

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Great show! Great seats too, about 10 rows up off the main floor, 2nd section from the stage. I love concerts were I can feel the music and this was definitly one of them. I mean the first couple of songs, between the bass and the drums, felt like a fan was blowing on my shirt and pants. Awesome. Zak was great, def better than the old man :-k


Concert lasted almost 2 1/2 hours. Played a lot of tunes ... Pete played Strats only except for his acoustic which was a Gibby. The other guitarist (his brother I'm told) played a 12 string firebird most of the night and they both used Fender amps.


Humorous moments:


After the first couple of songs it was very appearent to evrybody that Pete's Guitar was not loud enough, including Pete. Kept motioning to the sounds guys to bring him up. They finally got him right after about 1/2 through.


2nd encoure song, Pinball Wizard, where the whole band is about to join in for the opening creshendo, Pete stops everyone, comes over to the mic and sez sorry but that guitar was out of tune, got a different one and started the song all over.


Lots of great story's from Pete about the early days especially in Detroit where they got their first serious radio air play and about the first place they played here, the Grande Ballroom. We were actually the first stop on this tour. How cool is that?



Here's some pics. Not great. Just brought a pocket size camera but some turned out pretty nice -







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Thanks for the report GS. Zak was playing drums when I last saw them in 2004 at The Isle of Wight festival. He was brilliant that night. He's toured alot with Oasis until recently and a mate of mine, who is a big Oasis fan, raves about him as well.


Thanks for the pics. You did have great seats.

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Hmm' date=' no Moonie or Entwhistle, sounds like just another one of those "retro" tours that go around profitting on nostalgia. And quite expensive usually. Nothing new, just playing the OLD hits.[/quote']


Hey Grampa. Understand your point. . . but Pete / Roger are good guys who donated their take on the concert to 2 local charities, paying back Detroit for helping get thier first record to take off in the US.


Copied this from Detroit Free Press "The pair is donating 100% of the earnings from the show to Michigan's Gleaners Food Bank and Focus: HOPE organizations, as an acknowledgment of the state's tough economy."


Also - hasn't a singer/song writer master and icon like Pete Townsend earned the right to play old hits? I mean, come on. . . great songs are great songs and folks love to hear them again and again.


I was at the show with my 12 year old son. He wanted to see them before there were no Who left. . . he was bummed no Moonie or "Boris the Spider", but Roger/Pete are as good as you can get today. And to him, the old hits are pretty new, and he thought it was absolutely awesome. :-k Really cool to here Pete talk about the early days in Detroit playing at Southfield High School and the Grande Ball Room, play with some hacks named Cream, with a guitarist with a big huge hair do like a girl... but Pete admintted he was a pretty good guitarist, though. . . He also went on to say how one of the members of the MC5 was at the show telling them they "kicked out the jams." He said after that show they did a couple other gigs and ended up at Monterey, "and its was all downhill from there." Guess I don't agree since Tommy and Quadraphonia were to follow. Another highlight was when Pete said one of his favorite cars that he still owns today is a 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II. Said it was built right here in Detroit City.... that was a big boost to the folks in the city who are really suffering these days as Detroit auto struggle to get it turned around and the local economy is getting hammered.


Show was great, lots of energy, lots of "just jammin", very good set list, couple of new tunes (I think. . . at least I didn't recognize. . . know the last song was a new one. .. Tea something or other). Rogers voice started heading south towards the end. . . not a surprise considering what's its been thru over the years and age. Pete's playing has been honed and was very solid. Not a guitar wizard like Jeff Beck, Clapton, SRV, Lifeson to name a few, but one of the best rhythm guitarist out there and really can play.


I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed seeing the show and being there with my son, seeing the excitement in his eyes watching these rock legends and screaming joy between songs.... leaning over telling me during Tatoo "I love this song." Great taste I'd say (thank you very much!). Thought it would be 2 old guys trying to get by, but they almost played 2.5 hrs, which is better than many guys their age, and set list had some pleasant surprises like Sister Disco.... if you get a chance to see, its worth it, and how awesome of them to put money back into a struggling economy, and picking our city to start the tour because the city did them good once upon a time. It was just cool!


EDIT UPDATE: More cool info I found online:


"Roger Daltrey says that he and Pete Townshend decided to make the tour opener a benefit to several Detroit charities, in deference to the many American communities being hit hard during trying economic times: "We're doing our first show in, the one in Detroit, for Michigan charities. We're a blue collar band and our audience are blue collar and we're just aware of how hard they've been hit in the last two years. I said to Pete, 'I just do not feel right taking money out of this economy -- even knowing that the people coming to see us will be able afford to see us, that's not the issue. I'm aware that this is going to be a tough winter for an awful lot of people out there, and we just owe it to... we can't obviously get the whole of America for a tough winter, but we can at least make a gesture to the people that gave us our first support in the United States, which was the people of Michigan."


Daltrey says that the Who have never forgotten that if it weren't for Detroit, their career in America would never have become what it was: "The Detroit radio stations picked up on 'I Can't Explain' as our first single before anyone else in the States. So that was it basically. We can't do everything, but we can do a little bit, and if everybody did a little bit -- it would all get done (laughs)." SOUNDCUE (:13 OC: . . . all get done (laughs))


The Who have always enjoyed strong ties to Michigan, which was the first city to break the band in the States. Their first motor city concert took place on November 22nd, 1967 at Southfield High School. Earlier that year, the band played their second U.S. show in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 14th, 1967 at the Fifth Dimension Club.


The group's touring ensemble is rounded out by veteran keyboardist John "Rabbit" Bundrick, drummer Zak Starkey, bassist Pino Palladino, Townshend's brother Simon on rhythm guitar and vocals, and longtime soundman Bobby Pridden, who's been mixing the Who's live sound since 1967."

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Im sure itll be a great show.

The only problem I have is that that good ol' Pete is a pedophile.

As a parent id like to shoot him between the eyes.


That is totally not true, it's already been disproven but there is much information about it out there that you can look up. Don't want to start an arguement, just FYI:


Hey Felder, Daltry and Starky were the night before sitting at the bar having drinks in the Towsend hotel (in Birmingham). How about that!

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