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I pulled the trigger on a LP Traditional 2014 on Black Friday. I got a good deal so I jumped on it. Considering the 2015`s "innovative design and technology" [laugh] the 2014`s may be the last regular Gibsons we see in a while. The 2014`s are selling fast so grab one if you are on the hunt for a new Gibson.



Gibson Les Paul Traditional HCS









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Thanks guys! I had a few days off this week and spent quite a bit of time playing my new LP. She`s a keeper. The guitar is flawless. Perfect fit, finish, and fret work. Gibson hit a home run with this guitar. Some people dislike the 120th anniversary inlay but you really don`t notice it when playing. It is fairly heavy (no weight relief) but not a problem. The neck is thick but feels great. The pups are awesome! Plenty of bark but also respond well to rolled off volume. Again, if you are looking to get a new LP I highly recommend the 2014 Trad! So far I have only been able to play at home at low volume. My band is on hiatus until next year so I haven`t had a chance to crank it through my amp. I will play it at our next gig once the band is up and running again. This guitar was a xmas present to myself so happy holidays! Cheers!

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Congratz on a great new LP.


You probably get tired of me saying it, but I still liked your old Custom. :rolleyes:


Thanks Saturn. What the hell, why not reprise it one more time for old times sake...... \:D/




1988 Les Paul Custom













Yeah folks, like a dumb-azz I sold it. [thumbdn] [thumbdn] [thumbdn]](*,)

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