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To V or not to V


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Well it's taking me forever to refinish this guitar and still needs a good polishing but I just could not wait to put it together.


I learned a few things like, when Bill (brc) suggested I spray the body with silver metallic before I sprayed the copper paint I should've done that since I did have an inca silver can of nitro this would have definitely given the paint a more metallic look. Now I think the white primer comes through a bit much.


Also, I wanted to have a satin because the guitar since I has some age to it but not sure it is a good match with a metallic finish. I guess I just did not know just how satin is satin.


Then in a moment of distraction I forgot to check the wiring and missed a wire to the tone pot and it is not working, I will have to take it apart again.













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Thanks guys, I fixed the tone pot and it all works properly now but I'm not sure I am digging the change to the unoriented alnico 5 magnet on the bridge pickup. It does tame the highs on the burstbucker pro but also takes away the growl from it. I'll play it like this for a while but that magnet is lacking

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Hi Jorge

I see you got it together.

It's a nice color.

If you are going to take it back apart and want that metallic look, I will spray it for you.

We can do like last time, just send it to me ( and the paint his time) and I will take care of it if you would like me to.

Just let me know,


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Thanks Bill, I like the way the guitar turned out well enough, knowing what I know now I would definitely have used the inca silver can before the copper, the only reason I didn't is because I had not sprayed anything in years and figured that the more cans of paint I used the more risks of screwing up.


The metallic flake is there but with the clear satin finish the camera does not pick it up. When I was wet sanding the guitar and water sits on the top you can tell how shinny and metallic the guitar could be. I am going to polish it properly and maybe when I am refinishing my Les Paul I will take the V apart and spray it with a can of gloss nitro like Capmaster suggests.


I do like the subdued color, it matches the aged plastics and fretboard and the way it turned out it goes well with the guitar.


I wouldn't mind aging the chrome hardware a little bit.

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Any time Jorge

Just remember if you do shoot a gloss on top of what you have now , ( the satin) be sure to remove any wax or rubbing compound before you sand the satin finish

Other wise you will sand the compound or wax into the satin finish and most likely wind up with fish eyes in your gloss top coat.

I think it looks pretty good myself

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I already have another project, I am planning to refinish my first LP, one of those faded all-mahogany. I am modding it a lot,


This year has been busy and stressful for me at work, I have not even played much in the last 3 months and took me forever to finish the V, in reality I planned to finish both guitars back to back but no luck, now its getting too cold to shoot nitro.


Here is the actual color of the guitar before the satin clear, I may shoot a can of glossy clear next year, the nice thing about the V is that you pop the guard and desolder the ground wire and you have it apart essentially.




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