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One for my baby (and one more for the road)


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Not really a Christmas song.Unless you plan to spend Christmas eve alone in a bar. [mellow]

Written in 1943 for Frank Sinatra.The late night bar song by which all are measured.

Merry Christmas to all you Nighthawks, Gypsy hacks and Insomniacs!

Red has shamed us all with his production values...so I wore a Jazz hat to up mine [biggrin]




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Great job, really enjoyed it.


One of my all-time favorite "torch songs" (as they're known in jazz), and I've played a big band arrangement many times. I've got three or four different written charts of this song, and have always wanted to work up a "melody chord" solo guitar jazzy arrangement. You may have inspired me to finally do so.


As I used to introduce this song with one of the big bands I play with, here's some interesting history and backstory of the song:


Written in 1943 by Harold Arlen (composer) and Johnny Mercer (lyricist), for the movie "The Sky's the Limit" starring Fred Astaire, and "introduced" in that movie by Astaire (great movie scene, available on YouTube). The lyrics, by Mercer, are said to be about the ending of his longtime affair with Hollywood starlet Judy Garland.


Now, the story of that affair, and it's ending, is another Hollywood story within itself.

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FB, that is pretty damn cool. I couldn't pull-off one of those "oldies but goodies" like you and some others in here do. I admire the knack you have for this kind of stuff. As I've said of many videos on this forum----very easy-to-listen-to. I sincerely enjoyed it. Sinatra's vocals might have an edge on you, BUT, Frank didn't play guitar, so the advantage shifts back to you...lol.......Good version of an old standard, my friend..and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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