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Oh dear


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I bought one and was so impressed by how much more tone I had after fitting it I bought another two ! ! ! ! !

My guitar is so resonant and bursting with even more tone that, unplugged, it can now be heard on the moon!







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Anyway.. You should know by now that far to simple an answer for most guitarists...


Yes, I love "I only like the sound of a guitar going straight into a tube amp!!" followed by "I put a bone nut and aluminum stop bar on my Les Paul to get that killer sustain!!".


Why not try a good compressor?


"Compressors suck man! I'm all about dynamics! Haven't you read that irrelevant Loudness Wars thing?"



Guitar players are silly.




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I don't even know what that means. Is it like when I get an ice cream cone and the person behind the counter scooped my raspberry chocolate swirl ice cream out of the bin?


Right? I think the single stupidest word in the "lexicon of tone" has to be "Creamy". How in the actual FK is a sound "creamy"? Do you have to wipe off you ears after listening to it? Was a cow involved?


When I was making pickups it was amazing to read the gibberish people would send me to interpret.\



This was taped to my shop wall till the flood took it down.



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Well according to them all guitars should be neck throughs in order for a guitar to sustain properly... which kind of says all I need to know about them.




What we want here is a nice pic of an old, original Travis Bean 1000 or 1500; not just a neck through, but a solid aluminium billet with wooden wings.


No increase in sustain possible IMO.....a tiny amount of metallic resonance perhaps? Not as much as a full set of Strat springs though.

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