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What's This All Abbout?


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The power of the brand.....:blink:


Some people find excitement and piquant flavour from McDonalds et al


A way of life....if you will....


Different but not entirely dissimilar to football, reality TV, chef television, soap opera....:-({|=


Mrs V agrees with me....[thumbup]


Have a Nice Day....[biggrin]





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i know exactly why it happened.

Surely you are not suggesting it was for the endless amounts of TV exposure which equates Free Publicity, A/C?.....




......chef television......

Ah, now, there I have to disagree with you (and Mrs. V), V.


Watching Delia Smith doing her duty 40 years ago (and subsequently receiving her 'Complete Cookery Course' book from my folks as a pressie when I flew the family nest to attend Uni) introduced me to a world of cuisine which might otherwise have been undiscovered territory for me and, I'm happy to say, I've never looked back.


Who knows? Without Delia leading me by the hand through the labyrinth of Lasagne al Forno I might have been reduced to chomping my way through "Haggis et Mars Bars en croute" for eternity....



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