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Gibson Neon Modern Les Paul Axcess Custom


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AHhhhhh... My poor eyes...











This new limited run of Gibson Neon Modern Les Paul Axcess Customs are all full of 80s cool and have dive bombing Floyd Rose bridges as standard.


Neon Modern Les Paul Axcess Custom


The Gibson Custom Shop has just announced these new limited run of neon coloured shred machines that are all based on the Les Paul Axcess Custom model, with thinner bodies, Floyd Rose trem systems and better upper fret access than a regular traditional 50s style Les Paul.


I bet traditionalists will hate these brightly coloured hot-rodded new Les Pauls, but I kind of think that is cool. The solid mahogany bodies are finished in neon 80s-tastic colours and have two-piece maple tops. The guitars are weight-relieved and have a comfort-carve belly on the rear.


With slim C-Shape neck profiles with Richlite fingerboards and the aforementioned contoured Axcess heel join, these shred machines are made for rock.


They are loaded with a 498T and a 496R four conductor uncovered humbucking pickups wired for coil splitting via the push-pull pots on the Tone controls. So you can get some handy single coil tones as well as the raucous rock humbucking ones.

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